Collection ‘Tithe My Shoes’ Under Way

An effort is under way to collect 1,000 pairs of boots and shoes throughout Oswego County by Dec. 15.

The shoes will be delivered to the Rescue Mission in Syracuse, which works with various charities throughout the region to deliver shoes and boots in good condition to those in need. Assemblyman Will Barclay’s office will be collecting shoes for the drive.

Millard “Mudd” Murphy, former mayor of Central Square and executive director of the Oswego County conference of mayors, said the drive locally and has coined it “Tithe My Shoes.”

Tithe My Shoes was inspired by Discount Shoe Repair shop owner Ralph Rotella.

Last year, the congregation at Caughdenoy United Methodist Church collected 65 pairs and donated them to Rotella, the owner of Discount Shoe Repair in Syracuse.

Rotella refurbishes the shoes so they can be worn again.

Volunteers are seeking slightly worn shoes and boots for the drive.

This year, Murphy hopes to reach his goal of collecting 1,000 pairs by Dec. 15 so the shoes can be delivered in time to Rotella.

Last year, Rotella collected more than 4,000 pairs of shoes for the Rescue Mission.

Shoes may be dropped off at the following locations. Others drop-off locations are being added.

· Mallory Wesleyan Church at 5 Baum Road in Mallory

· Caughdenoy United Methodist Church at the corner of county routes 12 and 37 in Caughdenoy

· Assemblyman Barclay’s office at 200 N. Second St., Fulton, second floor, above the Department of Motor Vehicle Office.