College, NYSERDA make business owners aware of free energy audits

OSWEGO — SUNY Oswego and the state’s energy-innovation office have teamed up to let local small-business owners know about free intensive energy efficiency audits.

The college’s Office of Business and Community Relations announced that NYSERDA (the state Energy Research and Development Authority), through the Green Jobs/Green NY Act, can conduct the audits for small businesses and nonprofits so they can make informed decisions about steps to take to increase energy efficiency and lower costs.

Advisers at OBCR’s Small Business Development Center can guide businesses through the application process to bring in a team of certified energy auditors, resulting in a report with recommendations, costs and anticipated savings and payback periods.

NYSERDA also can make available funding to businesses with qualified energy audits by partnering with lenders to offer low-cost loans, enabling business owners to cover up-front costs to incorporate recommended energy improvements.

For more information about the NYSERDA intensive energy efficiency audits, call the Small Business Development Center at 312-3492.