College Student Association Working To Curb Student Problems In City

To the Editor,

As a long-time participant in the Oswego community, the Student Association places
great emphasis on fostering positive relationships with the city of Oswego and its

We represent over eight thousand full-time and part-time students, and it is our
mission to help them integrate into the greater Oswego community.

During the previous semester, the Student Association was made aware of problems created when students choose to celebrate in the city.

We want everyone – student and community member – to know that we disapprove of any conduct which reflects poorly on the students of SUNY Oswego, and that we are also actively taking steps to discourage such behaviour.

To that end, the Student Association, as a long-time partner with the Campus-City
Relations Committee, has put forth a proposal in which we have outlined a plan to help
reduce the number of disorderly conduct violations committed by students.

This plan includes ongoing cooperation with law enforcement, public awareness campaigns aimed at incoming students, and the development of student activity space on campus.

The Student Association has made a long-term commitment to minimizing the number of
incidences, and will continue to develop and adjust our efforts as needed.

It is the Student Association’s responsibility to address issues important to the students of
SUNY Oswego, and to take action when warranted.

We will actively participate in any efforts made toward addressing the quality-of-life issues, and hope to continue to build a positive relationship with the City of Oswego.


Matthew A. Harmer,
Student Association President Pro Tempore