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September 24, 2018

College Students demonstrate

OSWEGO, NY – Students at SUNY Oswego on Dec. 5 conducted a campus walk and “die in” proclaiming “Black Lives Matter.”

College Students demonstrate

College Students demonstrate

The afternoon demonstration involving more than a hundred members of the college community, including students, faculty and staff, took place in conjunction with similar expressions across the country following decisions not to indict police officers in the deaths of black men in New York, Missouri and elsewhere.

“The protests are a healthy and responsible exercise of free expression, and I am proud of Oswego students for participating in the debate we see happening all around the nation,” college President Deborah F. Stanley said Friday. “College is a place where we can lay out the issues, analyze them, discuss them forthrightly and passionately and, we hope, find common ground and a path to social justice where all life is sacred and treated as such.”

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