‘Combative Patient’ Taken Into Custody

OSWEGO – At approximately 2:16 p.m. today (September 3), Oswego Police were dispatched to the area of Orville Street near East Twelfth Street in the city of Oswego to assist EMS with a combative patient.

Prior to police arrival the patient allegedly threatened EMS and then threatened suicide.

The patient did not allowed police or EMS to enter his residence.

Emergency services remained at the scene standing-by, however.

Police were eventually successful in making verbal contact with the subject.

At approximately 5:40 p.m., the subject complied with police and was taken into custody for evaluation without further incident.

The Oswego Police Department would like to thank all of the assisting agencies including Mentor Ambulance, the Oswego Fire Department and the US Border Patrol who provided perimeter support.