Come share your ideas for the future of Oswego.

The City of Oswego is revising its 2020 Vision Comprehensive Plan. The plan was first adopted in August 2003. Many of the goals and objectives that Oswego’s citizens set out have either been accomplished —for example opening up the waterfront views on the bridges, or may be in need of changes. br /br /Mayor Bateman and the Common Council recognized that the time was right to revisit the plan and identify areas that may need to be updated based on feedback and input from citizens, stakeholders, and officials. Many goals identified in the 2003 plan have been realized, while other projects have yet to be started. While some of the goals, projects and actions are still relevant today, others may no longer be consistent with the direction the City wants to move toward. br /In order to update the 2020 Vision Comprehensive Plan, the City has hired the team of Bergmann Associates and Steinmetz Planning Group to facilitate a planning process. This team will ask Oswego’s citizens to help redefine the vision of Oswego’s future. The official project kick-off occurred on May 3rd and the full revision of the 2020 Plan is expected to by the end of the yearbr /Oswego’s citizens will have ample opportunities to express their opinions and weigh-in on the Vision Plan Update on line and at Neighborhood Meetings being held on May 12, 2010. The times and locations of these meetings are as follows:br /• strong3:00 PM at Oswego Middle School br /• 3:00 PM at the Education Center Building Board Roombr /• 6:00 PM at the Oswego High School Cafeteriabr /• 6:00 PM at the Fitzhugh Park School Library/strongbr /Members of the Oswego community are encouraged to attend and participate in these meetings to take part in the planning process. All residents and business owners are essential to providing a well rounded plan. Additional meetings will be held at key stages of the planning /In addition to neighborhood meetings, the City’s website will include a link to the current Oswego 2020 Vision Comprehensive Plan and to a link to a community survey. All residents are asked to complete a community survey at The Survey will become available on May 12. br /For further information call the Community Development Office at 343-3795 or email [email protected] with questions or feedback for the plan.div class=”blogger-post-footer”img width=’1′ height=’1′ src=’’ alt=” //div