Committee Approves Continuation Of Oswego Mural Project

OSWEGO, NY – More murals will be created along the river this summer.

Linda Goodness, assistant director of community development and a member of Springboard Mural Project Committee, requested council approval to install, with the help of the city DPW, the approved mural paintings along the West Riverwalk.

Several pieces of the proposed artwork, some rather intricate, were available for the councilors’ inspection at this weeks meeting of the Physical Services Committee.

“We have a really nice group of young women (artists) mostly who have been a part of the project since we got it back under way this spring,” she said. “They came in and worked hard and came up with some real creative ideas. I think they will blend nicely with the city and the other artwork that is in the area.”

The murals will be placed near the existing ones, along the riverwalk down the stairwell, basically in front of the big mural that is on the train trestle, Goodness noted.

“If the weather cooperates, we may go out to be able to unveil at least most of them on the farmers’ market before Harborfest, because there will be a lot of people around; it would be a nice time to get people down there and see the artwork. So we hope we can make that work out,” she said.

The mural project began as a youth-focused initiative, with the design concept and implementation directed by local young people with the support of the mural committee.

The Springboard Mural Committee is a community collaborative comprised of Oswego youth, city of Oswego officials, teachers and students of Oswego High School, Oswego State student teachers, Oswego businesses and artists, as well as Oswego County Opportunities Youth Services Street Outreach and the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau.

The first mural, located on West Linear Park near the Utica Street Bridge, was designed and created by six Oswego High School students.

The project was originally a city-sponsored community development plan to address graffiti issues.

Oswego High School staff, teaching assistants from Oswego State, and high school students joined the project. Other agencies and local business people also contributed to the mural project.

The committee was given a $ 2,000 beautification grant, but significant contribution from Raby’s helped to keep the project under budget.

Several smaller murals have since joined the large one.

The committee sent the proposal to the full council for consideration at its June 28 meeting.


  1. How Exciting! ANYTHING that beautifies our region is welcome, but somewhere for the young artists who otherwise resort to graffiti for their art expression, well, that is doubly welcome. It has worked in NYC (and some of the work is awesome!), why shouldn’t it work here!

    Debbie Engelke

  2. I feel this is great all the other artwork they have done in the city looks wonderful and i would like to thank all the people that are involved.Great artwork you do. I love looking at your paintings you all have done. This i feel will help keep the graffiti away,because ever who is doing the dirty graffiti thur our city is terrible and it does not make our city look good.

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