Committee Clears The Way For Tall Ships, Midway

OSWEGO, NY – At its meeting this week, the Physical Services Committee paved the way for three tall ships to visit the Port City.

The festival will include tours of the tall ships Pride of Baltimore II, Roseway, and Lynx. There will also be vendors, children’s events, music, and sail aways on the Roseway and Lynx.

Linda Goodness, representing the H. Lee White Marine Museum and Festival of Sail Committee, requested the use of the following during the festival (June 25 – 27):

Use of a portion of the eastside of Wright’s Landing parking (as per attached map)

Use of city barricades and DPW assistance to place the barricades on June 24 to block off the Wright’s Landing parking area and the entrance to the West Pier.

DPW assistance in removing the barricades after the event closes on June 27 at 6 p.m.

Use of the city tourism bus by the festival committee for transporting the crews of the ships to various locations within the city as required by the contract with the ships starting on June 24 throughout their stay.

Police support at the pier entrance at the end of West First Street to ensure smooth traffic flow and pedestrian safety for the three days of the event between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The ships are coming through the Great Lake, on their way to Toronto, and this will be their first port of call, she noted.

“It will really promote the history of the tall ships in Oswego and obviously help our tourism, bring more people into our community and show them what the Oswego Harbor is about,” she said.

Mike Dehm, police chief, said he would have officers keep an eye on the area during the festival to ensure for pedestrian safety and that traffic flows smoothly.

“We will be having some security during the festival as well,” Goodness added.

To book a ride/seat for a sail away on the Roseway, call (207) 236-7482 or email [email protected]

To book a ride/seat for a sail away on the Lynx, call 1-(866) 446-5969 or go to

For more information on the Oswego Festival of Sail event, call (315) 402-8802.

The committee also approved the location for Harborfest’s midway.

Tom Van Schaack, executive director of Harborfest, requested to use the marina parking lot along Lake Street for the Harborfest Midway.

Last week’s meeting regarding the issue brought up a lot of the positives and negatives, Van Schaack said, adding the festival will take all comments into consideration.

“There were a number of neighbors last year who responded in surprise that it wasn’t as bad as they had feared. They were pleasantly surprised,” Councilor Connie Cosemento said. “There were a few neighbors that were still against the idea.”

One of the major issues, she noted, is the screaming by those enjoying the rides.

It is possible that those types of rides could be relocated, further away from the residential area.

The full council will consider the resolution at its Monday meeting.

In other action, the committee approved the use of public space for the following:

Rachid Manseur, owner and occupant of a single-family dwelling at 116 E. Eighth St., wants to construct a one-car parking revetment, fronting on East Eighth Street.

David Emmons, owner of commercial property at 47 W. Bridge St., wants to utilize an existing 20-foot by 64-foot area of public space for parking of seven cars, fronting West Third Street.

Rebecca Baker, owner and occupant of a single-family dwelling at 125 W. Eighth St., wants to install 17 linear feet of 4-foot high fencing, fronting on West Eighth Street.

And, they approved a plan to replace a sign in Washington Square (East) Park.

The sign would be placed at the southeast end of the park, where a sign was removed about tree years ago because it was weathered, according to Randy Ziegler, of Project Bloom.

“There is a planting area on the ground and then there is a sign support above it. The Project Bloom Committee would like to erect a new sign there. We have agreed to pay for the new sign. We just want to dress up that corner of the park. We have recently planted that planter, too.”