Committees Hold Off On Shoveling Amendment, Extend Ambulance Contracts

OSWEGO, NY – Keep shoveling, folks.

At its meeting Monday night, the Physical Services Committee took no action on a proposed amendment to Section 249-9 of the city code with respect to shoveling sidewalks.

The amendment was proposed, by the snow removal committee, to exempt property owners from the shoveling requirement, if they reside in rural areas of the city as determined by the US Postal Service.

Such residents shall make every effort to clean their sidewalk when possible, the tentative amendment states.

The committee took no action on the amendment Monday night. They will seek further information on the situation first.

“There are still some questions we’d like answered,” said Councilor Connie Cosemento.

“We want to rework it, make sure everything is just how we want,” agreed Councilor Mike Myers.

Then, the councilors will bring it back to committee.

If the amendment meets council approval, it will be necessary for the council to schedule a public hearing on the matter.

Also Monday night, the Administrative Services Committee approved a resolution regarding ambulance contracts with the surrounding towns.

Gay Williams, city attorney, requested authorization for the mayor to sign renewed agreements with the towns of Minetto, Scriba and Oswego to extend their ambulance contracts with the city for an additional three-year term.

“The mayor has received responsive letters from the three town supervisors,” Williams said. “They are desirous of extending the ambulance contracts that they have for another there years on the same terms.”

The contracts would be for Jan. 1, 2010 through Dec. 31, 2012.

“The towns would each pay the city $10,000 per year. We would bill the residents that we serve,” Williams explained.

The agreements are for the current rates, but contains a clause stating the rates can be changed by the council at any time, she added.