Common Council Addresses Resident Concerns

Castiglia inquires about Sharp's Pond progress

Frank Castiglia stands at the microphone
Frank Castiglia addresses the Common Council. Photo by: Kassadee Paulo

FULTON – When the Common Council met Tuesday, June 18, Fulton resident and Oswego County legislator Frank Castiglia brought forth some concerns to inquire about.

During public comment Castiglia asked for an update on the search for bids to take on the reparation of the dam for Sharp’s Pond.

Mayor Ronald Woodward discussed with him what needs to be done before a bid can be placed, like having the dam further inspected by GHD. Woodward clarified they will be inspecting with intention to deconstruct the dam.

The Common Council still has to vote on whether to reconstruct the dam or to let it revert back to a creek. At the last meeting two weeks ago, Castiglia had suggested to let the people of Fulton decide.

“If you’re going to put something out for the public to decide, you have to have an amount of money that they’re going to vote and say ‘yes’ to or ‘no’ to,” Castiglia said.

First Ward Councilor Tom Kenyon said he would like the decision to be put in the hands of the public. Castiglia suggested a public hearing to give the information of the proposition.

In the next topic of concerns, Castiglia asked why the city of Fulton is having a complete reevaluation. The assessments of properties across the city can affect how much in taxes the residents pay.

“We were at 100%, but property evals change, some pay more, some pay less,” Woodward said. “That means someone’s paying more than somebody else.”

Castiglia then brought up the topic of motorized bicycles. He said he is concerned because there is no traffic control of them and they present a potential danger to the community.

“You’ve got people riding around on them going over 25, 30 miles per hour; at least 25 or higher. No helmets. They don’t follow any traffic laws,” Castiglia said. “I don’t like a lot of government control, but we have to look at what we can do to protect the public and even the people that are riding on them.”

He requested the council to look into putting in a city ordinance to regulate motorized bicycles.

Following public comment, the council voted on and unanimously approved eight propositions. All but Sixth Ward Councilor Lawrence Macner were present.

The council discussed North Bay Campgrounds. Granby has annexed the land to the city of Fulton and Woodward said there is some work to be done now with the proposed local law. He said the campgrounds can save $10,000 per year in taxes and will allow them to put in seasonal cabins.

“I think the annexation is a great opportunity for the city, because for anyone who hasn’t been there, it’s an untapped gold mine,” said Council President Don Patrick Jr. “There’s a lot of work to be done. A new bathhouse on the back side, the mayor said we’re talking about putting cabins along the lakefront that can be used year round.”

The council voted to award a bid for gasoline and diesel fuel to Glider Oil for .102 overrack and a bid for Edgewater Pump Station improvements to Volney Multiplex for $142,000.

They also voted to approve advertising for sealed quotes for the purchase of road salt and to authorize the Fulton Department of Public Works to dispose of items that are no longer of useful value.

The council approved the sale of two properties in the possession of Fulton as a result of tax foreclosure. The property of 14 Canalview Mall was approved to be sold to JMSF LLC in Fulton for $28,000.

The property of 371 S. Second St., (GJP Italian Eatery) was approved to be sold to Laurie and William O’Brien, the owners of Port City Cafe and Red Sun Fire Roasting Company in Oswego, for $59,000.

The council will meet again July 9 rather than its regularly scheduled first Tuesday of the month due to the 4th of July weekend.