Fulton Common Council Approves Sale Of 7 Properties

Two men sit in front of microphones
Common Council President Donald Patrick Jr and City Clerk Daniel O'Brien lead the meeting. Photo by: Kassadee Paulo

FULTON – The Fulton Common Council voted on and unanimously approved the sale of seven city-owned properties to various buyers during the Common Council meeting Tuesday, Sept. 3.

These properties all went to the control of the city due to tax foreclosure proceedings and some have been fixed up before selling through a realtor.

The sold properties include:

  • 20 W. Ninth St., a vacant lot, for $3,000 to Fred Lunn.
  • 715 Erie St., a house rehabilitated by the city, for $81,090 to Jamie and Autumn Feher.
  • 703 Seward St. for $20,000 to Richard Walberger.
  • 01-03 Clark St., a vacant lot, for $1,500 to Lawrence Macner.
  • 316 Batavia Ave., a single-family property, for $36,000 to Martin Allen.
  • 15 W. Fifth St., a single-family property with plans to be flipped, for $10,000 to Richard Walberger.
  • 169 W. Third St. South, a single-family property, for $5,500 to Morteza Al Sharif.
  • The sale of 17 N. Fourth St. was tabled.

During public comment, Fulton resident and Oswego County Legislator Frank Castiglia expressed he was content with the sale of these properties.

“I’m pleased with that because we are going in the direction we’ve all said we want to go in, which is get properties back on the tax rolls and get them into single-family,” Castiglia said. “We don’t need more multi-family, we don’t need landlords that aren’t going to live in the city.”

Other residents brought up various discussions, including zombie properties, misconceptions of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative, fundraising for the Fulton Public Library and working toward creating an ADA compliant park.

Resident and 24th District Oswego County Legislator Dan Farfaglia inquired about zombie properties and what the city plans to do with them. These properties are abandoned buildings that have been foreclosed upon by a bank, but are not maintained by that bank.

Common Council President Donald Patrick Jr said Community Development Agency Executive Director Joe Fiumara keeps the Common Council up to date on these types of properties, and they are currently working on a solution to one now, 102 W. 2nd St. which recently caught on fire.

Patrick said a challenge they face is the restructuring of the codes department. Cathy Trowbridge, administrative assistant for Mayor Ronald Woodward, said the city has been having trouble getting confirmation that JP Morgan Bank owns 102 W. 2nd St.

“It’s definitely a zombie. [Once they do,] they will be able to start fining $500 a day, which makes a bank move pretty quickly,” Trowbridge said. “Our police chief was making calls today to JP Morgan Chase trying to find out if they will admit ownership so we can make arrests there.”

Another Fulton resident, Dawn Bristol, said for the past few months she has been thinking about a recreational area for people who have a difficult time accessing the facilities already in Fulton. She could see an ADA compliant area at Rowlee Beach Park and Sharp’s Pond.

“The vision is to provide accessibility to everyone,” Bristol said. “I’ve looked at funding possibilities where this shouldn’t cost the city anything… This is the perfect place to put a park where you can have everybody come together.”

Patrick said the council would be interested in hearing more of Bristol’s proposal.

On the agenda, the Common Council approved to appoint Angela Miner to the City of Fulton Ethics Committee, amend the contract with the city assessor, Mary Elizabeth Johnson, and to send Daniel O’Brien, the city clerk/chamberlain, to Saratoga Springs for NYCOM Fall Training School for City and Village Officials Sept. 16 to Sept. 20.

There will be a special meeting Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 7 p.m. in the Fulton Municipal Building for the Common Council to discuss three proposed amendments to the City Code regarding “Fires and Fire Prevention,” “Buildings, Unsafe,” and “Electrical, Mechanical and HVAC Licenses.”