Common Council Notes: It’s Sidewalk Fixing Time

Fulton residents: Got a cracked sidewalk? Now’s the time to call your Alderman.

“We’re looking at the sidewalk list,” said Common Council member Kim Roy, who asked residents of the 6th Ward to call her with locations of sidewalks that need attention.

Suggestions can also be phoned directly to the Mayor’s office, at 592-7330.


Mayor Ron Woodward noted that even though the weather has turned surprisingly nice in recent days, DPW crews won’t start picking up yard waste until about April 1. That’s when they usually begin.


Alderman Pete Franco asked everyone to consider visiting the Fulton Area Home Show this weekend. It takes place at the War Memorial on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free.

The show will feature booths from more than 40 local companies that perform home construction and repair or sell homes.


The Common Council Tuesday ran through a short agenda,

Aldermen agreed to advertise for bids for removing tree stumps and pruning and removing trees.

They approved a permanent easement for 414 W. Second St., for a home with a front porch that has encroached into the city’s right of way for many years. The home is being sold. The easement, called a “right of encroachment”, will let the new owner keep the porch. If the porch is ever destroyed or torn down, however, it cannot be rebuilt unless the Common Council approves it.

And they approved a list of standard work days for city employees from the Mayor on down. Woodward said the list grew out of a recommendation from an audit by the state Comptroller.