Common Reasons People Work With a Life Coach

You may have heard the phrase “Life Coaching” and know a little bit about what a Life Coach does (refer to my previous article What Exactly Is Life Coaching?)

You also may have imagined what it would be like to work with a Life Coach and that idea might have seemed either intriguing or intimidating. Perhaps you have something that has been “gnawing at you” and wonder if it is a “coachable” situation. So why do most people contact and work with a Life Coach?

This question is not easily answered considering the multitude of challenging experiences we face in a lifetime. To address the work of understanding and addressing these many challenges, the coaching industry has spawned specialists (you may find it interesting to Google the phrase “Life Coach” and begin to explore the array of coaching topics and categories there are for this unique career). However, despite the reality of a complex profession, I still have been able to identify some common themes to my work as a Life Coach.

One type of request when a person is considering my services is from someone that is dissatisfied with their current employment. There are a lot of people unhappy with how they spend their work days, either because they have been in the same job for many years and are ready for a change or they realize that they have chosen a profession that is not fulfilling. Addressing this truth can be particularly difficult since we spend so much time at our job. How do we change such a big part of our life? It may be obvious when a job just doesn’t feel right, but it may not be so clear what can make it right or HOW TO GET TO WHAT IS RIGHT. This is exactly where a Life Coach can help.

Another common request for Coaching stems from a need for assistance in structuring “non-working” or leisure time. Current societal trends show a growth in the amount of an average American’s leisure time. In today’s world there are people who are satisfied in their job and have ample time in their day or week that is theirs to enjoy and explore. Here they see an opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment. People who are considering exploring in this area use phrases such as “feeling empty” or “living a life lacking meaning.” As with people who are unhappy in their job, it may be easy to notice the feeling of not living a full life but much harder to establish what could be more fulfilling or, better put, HOW IT COULD BECOME MORE FULFILLING.

A third area that draws people to Coaching is what I call “feeling our humanness.” This is an extensive Coaching area and one that is hard to cover in this column. But succinctly, given our rapidly expanding technological world we are often left with precious little time for what has so often been satisfying as people: our connection to each other and the earth. People will begin this type of Coaching session using phrases like “I just don’t feel myself anymore” or “I miss the younger me who laughed, made friends easily and enjoyed life.” Certainly there are many reasons a person might feel those things and first it must be established that what is causing this anxiety. In some cases, these feelings would be better handled by a skilled counselor or psychologist. But once it has been established that this is a “disconnect from our humanness” a Life Coach is well equipped to help. Just like in the two examples above, recognizing the feeling is the first step. Working through those feelings and deciding HOW TO HAVE A FULLY REALIZED LIFE is much harder. A Life Coach helps by unraveling that confusion and moving toward clarity.

There are as many reasons people use a Life Coach as there are people searching to improve their life. I am a certified Life Coach and offer my services through my business “Clearpath Life Coaching.” My website at tells more about my background and Coaching techniques. To help people become more familiar with Life Coaching I am offering a series of articles about my work in the field. Future articles will explore what happens in a typical Life Coaching session and some reasons why people avoid using a Life Coach. Please email me questions or give me a call to find out more about my coaching business. All questions are welcome and there no obligation to use my service if you contact me. I can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 315 592-7034.