Community Garden Plot Lottery Set

OSWEGO – Calling all gardeners!

If you like to garden, but don’t have the space or yard to have your own garden, then come out to the annual Oswego Community Gardens plot lottery.

On April 22, the Oswego Community Gardens will be hosting a plot lottery for anyone interested in owning a plot in either of the two locations in Oswego.

The meeting will be held at the McCrobie Center, 41 Lake St., at 6:45 p.m.

There are plenty of plots that are available.

Coordinators from the East Side and West Side Locations will be on hand.

We will be discussing gardening tips, and how to set up your garden. Veteran community gardeners will be on hand to explain Best Practices for Raised Bed Gardens.

And a schedule for building new raised bed plots will also be discussed.

Last October the Community Gardens hosted its first Harvest Potluck Dinner. Gardeners brought dishes they made from what they harvested during the growing season. The gardeners talked about their successes and their experiences with their plots.

Many were successful and enjoyed taking care of their gardens.

“It was a true learning experience,” one gardener said about their experience.

“It’s great to see the community human concern [food pantry] use their space for those who need fresh vegetables,” explained another.

Lynette Wright of Oswego County Cooperative Extension also gave a short talk about how to put our garden plots to bed for the winter and provided suggestions for “green manure” to prepare the plot for next year’s growing season.

For more information about the Oswego Community Gardens, contact Valerie Orr, West Side Garden Coordinator at 343-9085  or email at [email protected]; or Andy Nelson at 343- 9277 email: [email protected]