Community Input is Crucial to Common Core Review Process

To The Editor:

As the debate around the Common Core Standards continues, I spend much of my time talking about the standards and asking questions to try to gain a better understanding of what people oppose within the standards.

While there have been tweaks in some states, the Common Core Standards are currently intact and being implemented in more than 40 states.

I am writing not in defense of the standards, but to help start a dialog about what is at the core of the opposition to the Common Core.

There are also people who feel strongly that portions of the Common Core need to stay in the standards. Both views have a place in the debate, but we must clarify the positions by using specifics.

Over the past five years we have been transitioning to the Common Core Standards and now there is an opportunity to participate in the review of the standards.

The New York State Education Department has launched a survey, which can be found at

The survey is open until November 30, and the results will help inform changes to the standards. I am encouraging all teachers, parents, and school administrators to take the survey or at least the part of the survey that pertains to their knowledge and interactions with the standards at a particular grade level or subject.

As members of our community, your input is vital to the process of change.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you would like me to come speak to a group of stakeholders that may want to receive more guidance on how to access the survey.

I would be happy to come present the survey in person. I believe that we need to be a part of the feedback process so that the policymakers can be informed as they move forward with their review of the standards.

Thank you,

Christopher Todd
District Superintendent
Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation