Community Meeting On Improving Fishing Safety On Oswego River Set Wednesday

OSWEGO, NY – Mayor Randolph F. Bateman has announced that a meeting will be held on Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the EconoLodge, 70 E. First St., to enable the community to discuss ways to improve fishing safety on the Oswego River and to determine how we can work together to prevent a repeat of the tragedy that occurred last week.

Mayor Bateman would like to thank Shane Broadwell, who has generously offered use of the riverside banquet room at the Econo Lodge for this meeting.

Representatives from Brookfield Power, the Port Authority of Oswego, the County of Oswego, the NYDEC Police, the Canal Corporation, the U.S. Coast Guard, Oswego Fire Department and Police Department, our local media, as well as local fishermen and drift boat captains have been invited to attend the meeting to offer their input on this matter.

The public is invited to attend.

If anyone has questions, please contact the Mayor’s Office at 342-8136.

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  1. I have been fishing on the Oswego River for 20 years now. I find the trip to be an outstanding sport fishing experience. We usually wade the river to get to the island by the dam. This is an extremely dangerous journey for those less experienced fisherman of which there are many. If there were a small bridge to this area that can be used for access and escape it would be a great improvement in terms of safety. Also if there were ways to tether ones self to the walls by the dam it would be helpful as well. Some small improvements in the wading path to the island and other popular spots would really help. We love to fish the river and spend a considerable amount of money every year there, but we no longer will risk our lives there until safety improvement are put in place immediately. I have spoken to many other fishermen who all feel the same way. Please hear us and do something about it. When I leave for me trip I kiss my wife and children good bye in fear that I may never see them again because of the dangers on the river. As I get older I now longer feel that I can handle the river without improvements in place. We pray for the families of those who have lost their lives on the river this past week and pray you will take measures to ensure this will never happen again!

    Thank you!

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