Community Waterfront Visioning Session Set Aug. 29

OSWEGO – The city of Oswego is currently developing a Waterfront Master Plan to help guide the future of Oswego’s waterfront.

The public is invited to join the planning team for the first step in a community outreach process as it shares ideas from other great waterfronts and gather community feedback on what is working on the Oswego waterfront, what needs to be improved, and what the future of Oswego’s waterfront should look like.

The meeting will be held Monday, August 29, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at the McCrobie Civic Center. 41 Lake St.

This session will introduce the planning team and provide an outline of the master planning process as they discuss the goals and vision for the Oswego Master Plan and outline the opportunities for community involvement in the process.

To get the conversation started, they will explore other great harbors from upstate New York and across the globe, and examine the factors that contribute to their success.

We will  then discuss the rich history of the Oswego waterfront, its current condition and its potential moving into the future.

The meeting will conclude with an open conversation to share ideas and community input through an interactive visual preference exercise.