Concerned About BOCES Direction Under Camerino

I am concerned about the direction our Oswego County BOCES being taken by Dr. Joseph P. Camerino. Many cuts have been made to the classes since he has been in office. He has eliminated the Heating and A/C, Finish Carpentry, Masonry, Electrical programs ~ just to name a few. Now he wants to end the Pre-K classes for 3 & 4 year olds.

The Pre-K program has been successful in giving many Oswego County youngsters a great start on their education. Dr. Camerino has plans to “privatize” the Pre-School program, ousting many teachers and BOCES employees from their jobs.

Dr. Camerino seems to hire his “cronies” in supervisory and administration positions. At the same time, he is eliminating important courses and services that our community depends on. The BOCES programs are all very important to our youth. Cuts should not be made to the detriment of our future workers in Oswego County. We need less of the administration and more basic teachers who help mold our future.

We need more great teachers, board members, and administrators who want to work and help our children succeed in a competitive world.

Administrators at BOCES being hired by Dr. Camerino are many of his friends from Onondaga County, where he came from – people who do not have a personal stake in our area. BOCES has less students now and could be offering greater opportunities to Oswego County students. Neighboring counties have built up their BOCES services and classes, but Oswego County BOCES administrators do not promote the educational advantages to many high school students, and have been cutting back, only to line their own pockets with the some of the highest salaries in Oswego County. Dr. Camerino and his buddies take salaries of well over $125,000 a school year.

These guys are trying to “pull the rug out” fast. Our concerned citizens, parents and families need to call our Senator Aubertine at 782-3418 and express their concern for the changes in BOCES. BOCES is not serving the students and community in the founder’s “Burton Ramer” fashion. We need someone like Nelson Bauersfeld, the retiring Superintendent of the Mexico School District who really cares about our kid’s futures. BOCES is a “top heavy” organization. With the high unemployment in Oswego County, emphasis should be put on the teachers and students, not on over-paid administrators.

The price we are paying for BOCES is skyrocketing and at the same time there are less and less students. There are currently only 700 students compared to 1200 students who were served at the beginning. I’m 100% sure that the ecucation 3&4 year olds are receiving at BOCES are superior to the”teaching” they will get from any other “school”.

There are many employees in Oswego County who just collect HUGE salaries then treat ourtaxpayers & children like “poor relation” (think of Frances Lanigan of Oswego County Social Services). There are many wonderful and supportive teachers working at Oswego County BOCES, but we need to build BOCES back up to compete with programs such as Onondaga County and ESM Schools. How many officers on the BOCES Board have attended BOCES themselves?

A concerned former BOCES student and Burton Ramer fan,
Steve Burdick