Concession and Congratulations to Councilor-Elect Myers

My Fellow 4th Ward Citizens,

I want to take a moment, first and foremost, to congratulate Councilor-Elect Jim Myers on his victory. I have had the opportunity to meet Jim in person, and after speaking to him I feel that he will represent you well on the Fulton Common Council.

Do not hesitate to contact him with your concerns, as I am sure he will do his best to serve you in your times of need. I would also like to congratulate local business owner Mark Sherman on his campaign here in the 4th Ward.

Both of these men ran a clean campaign against me, and were always respectful when we came across each other. I truly appreciated that.

I would like to thank my supporters for getting out there and voting, and for showing me all the support you showed during this campaign. It humbles me to know I touched so many hearts, and earned so much respect.

I saw old friends, and made new friends while on the campaign trail. You will all hold a special place in my heart. I would like to thank my family for standing by my side through this quest, as they sacrificed time with me so that this community could have not only a choice, but hope for a brighter tomorrow. Not once did they complain, and I love them for that.

Lastly, but certainly at the top of my list of thanks, is God. Like my last run for public office, He never abandoned me, and never told me to stop whining when I spoke out to Him about my concerns.

As I promised to my family in the beginning, should I lose this election, I will now bow out of the political realm for a while and allow some new faces with new ideas take a shot at addressing our community’s issues and situations.

After two tough campaigns, I feel it is time to give my family back a little bit of what they have given up for their community. I gave it my all and did my best, and I hope that perhaps Councilor-elect Myers can utilize some of my ideas to better not only the 4th Ward, but also the city as a whole.

Best of luck to Councilor-elect Myers and may the future shine bright on the 4th Ward and the city of Fulton.

Ralph E. Stacy, Jr.