Congratulations, Fulton Sports

To The Edi tor

The Fulton fall sports season has come to an end as we prepare for winter sports in our community.

Congratulations to all the athletes who make the commitment and dedication to their favorite sports, and to the supportive parents who make sure to remember their uniforms, accessories, equipment and all those times traveling to away games.

A special mention to all the devoted coaches who teach discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork as they prepare their teams with life lessons.

We are fortunate that years ago, school boards and administrations had the foresight to develop the D. Donald Distin Athletic Complex with many fields, including a turf field, which is an outstanding jewel in our community.

Just recently the complex was used for two Section III Semi-Finals football games and four Section III Semi-Finals soccer games.

Bringing sports fans from other communities is a position impact on our community.

Once again, the Athletic Boosters Club was there to provide help and hot foods on those chilly days and nights.

A final thank you to the parents, grandparents, and Fulton Raider faithful fans.


Bob Weston