Congressional Candidate Balter Responds to Katko’s Support for GOP Tax Bill

Dana Balter addresses a rally in opposition to the GOP tax plan recently in Oswego.

Dana Balter addresses a rally in opposition to the GOP tax plan recently in Oswego.

“Congressman John Katko’s support of this legislation is dis-heartening and wrong for New York families. And, he said, that his decision to vote for it was easy. This bill provides tax giveaways to millionaires, billionaires, and large corporations on the backs of millions of working families.” said Dana Balter. “In 2018 in New York alone, $1,878,400,000 in tax giveaways will go to the top 1%. That same money could pay for the annual healthcare premiums for 306,928 New Yorkers; or 317,297 Pell grants; or 17,807 infrastructure jobs. So which do we prioritize, healthcare for more than 300,000 New Yorkers or giveaways for the wealthiest among us? For me, the answer to that question is what’s easy. We must put working families first.”

Dana Balter addresses a rally in opposition to the GOP tax plan recently in Oswego.
Dana Balter, left, addresses a rally in opposition to the GOP tax plan recently in Oswego.

Katkos’ support for the GOP plan comes after Governor Cuomo urged members from New York to vote against the bill, going as far as saying, “New York gets a lump of coal from Santa Trump on this one.”

The governor opposes this tax bill because it would eliminate the federal deduction for state income and sales tax – a measure that would affect millions of New York families.

“It is clear that John Katko’s loyalty is to the GOP, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump and corporate interests not the hardworking people of central New York,” said Balter. “It’s time for change. The people of this district deserve a representative who will stand and fight for their best interests.”

A former special needs educator and current professor at Syracuse University, Dana Balter entered the race for NY-24 in September of 2017. Like many women, she was inspired to run after the 2016 election and she is building a strong professional campaign.

She has spent a lifetime standing up for underdogs and is committed to ensuring that every family here in NY-24 has the opportunity to succeed.

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  1. So remember on election day, that our current representative (John Katko) voted to lower your taxes, and his opponent above would have voted to keep your taxes high.
    Little king Cuomo, and the other officials in this state are the reason we pay so much. The problem is simple. We pay far too much in state taxes to begin with, then we worry about deductions to offset .
    We need new leadership in every position in Albany.
    Dare I say “Drain the Albany swamp?”
    Thank you Rep. Katko for your proper vote.

  2. I think you have been drinking too much of Trumps swamp water like Katko. If you don’t like the tax and spend state you can always move to Alabama. Obviously they have real swamp monsters down there. Maybe the top 1% friends of the person in charge will help you move…

  3. It is about time that New York State’s politicians controlled spending here. Let’s not blame the federal government for being more fiscally responsible.

    Governor Cuomo is only concerned that taxpayers won’t allow him to spend as much of their money as he does. Look at all of his efforts to go around the State and act like Santa Claus with taxpayer dollars. And in the end, he is using our money to get himself re-elected. Maybe the voters will finally wake up and see him for who he is and what is agenda is… to run for president down the road.

    Look at our cities, like Fulton, who is still scraping money together to take the Nestle plant down that has been vacant for a decade or more because Nestle couldn’t afford to locate in NYS anymore! There are no hand-outs to Fulton by Governor Cuomo.

    I agree with the last comment posted. Drain the swamp in Albany!

  4. Or you could remember that Katko voted to serve the interests of the ultra-rich.

    Lowering your taxes is not happening in any significant way unless you’re in the top 1 percent. In fact, many analyses of the current Republican proposals reveal that taxes will actually go up for lower-income people.

    People like “Taxed” want you to think that tax cuts are some kind of measure that helps everyone … they don’t … it’s a policy of, by, and for the superrich. 80% of the tax cuts go to the richest sliver of 1 percent of the population (in other words, not you).

    Through loopholes and stashing money in the Cayman Islands and other tax havens, the rich are already avoiding their fair share of the tax burden.

    This policy that Mr. Katko shamefully voted for is destructive to the vast majority of his constituents and the vast majority of the American people.

    It’s just standard Republican oligarchy … George W. Bush massively cut taxes and the economy crashed as he was leaving office. Now billionaires are getting yet another round of ridiculous tax cuts which will destroy the federal budget Republicans claim to care so much about (when Democrats have the White House).

    Being taxed too much isn’t the problem: the problem is people not being paid enough in the first place and people not getting things for their taxes that people in other countries get (healthcare, education, etc.). In a word: inequality.

  5. Those evil rich guys! I’ve been listening to this mantra for 6 decades. When’s the last time you asked a poor guy for a Job? King Cuomo will give you a free College education Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!. One of the highest taxed states in the U.S. and this candidate is lecturing about the rich tax breaks. Let’s look and see what the net worth of King Cuomo.Hildebrand and Schummer are worth..

  6. i have confidence in Congressman Katko with the tax cuts. He would not support the repeal of O’Bamacare because he perceives that would work against his re-election bid; but he is also smart enough to know that his opposition to tax reform would equally work against his re-election bid. Such is the makeup of his District. Too bad, Anonymous, we are not all obstructionists. He can’t cave on this issue for the Democrats.

  7. how would opposing a massive transfer of wealth to the 1 Percent work against Katko’s reelection bid? Does our Congressional district have an abundance of rich people?

    The working class is artificially divided into “Republican” and “Democrat.” That division enables the oligarchy to continue its assault on the American people. And those confused citizens who vote “Republican” are actively (and apparently proudly) aiding the oligarchy in its war against the people.

  8. re: anonymous and typical leftist talking points:
    mention richest 1% – check
    use oligarchy in post – check
    hate for rich – check
    The only thing that is odd, (aside from forgetting also to mention the word neocon) is that you oppose a transfer of wealth, which is what I believe leftists continue to live for.

    Thank you Rep. Katko for your proper vote

  9. Oligarchy: rule by the rich, rule by the few. [Thus not a “talking point” but an accurate description of American society and government.]

    Richest 1 Percent: have accumulated unprecedented wealth and power. Continue to use their wealth and power to amass still more wealth and power. How can you not mention that?

    “Hate for Rich”: that’s inaccurate. There are good rich people and not so good rich people. It’s not about the individual people; it’s about a system which which concentrates so much in the hands of so few. It’s bad for democracy and bad for the economic security of the hundreds of millions of American citizens who happen to not be incredibly rich.

    We leftists don’t hate the rich … we hate inequality, injustice, and plutocracy. Insofar as members of the billionaire class contribute to that reality, we oppose them politically and ideologically. But it’s not personal. For the past 40 years, the class at the very top has taken almost all of the new wealth while the rest of the population, the great majority of Americans, has seen its economic situation deteriorate. We don’t think that’s a good direction for society and a lot of rich people agree.

  10. The latest CBO study (2014) shows the top 1% pay nearly half of all federal income tax, while the bottom 60% pay less than 2%. You want to do away with inequality? Everyone pays the same rate ie. flat tax. You won’t go for that, because liberals love to redefine words to suit their argument.
    A flat tax where everyone pays the same rate is the only truly fair way to tax the population.
    Oh, I forgot to include “plutocracy” in the list of talking points, but you came through.
    Thank you Rep. Katko for your proper vote.

  11. re: Joe,…Interesting that you think people who don’t like the “tax and spend state” are free to move to Alabama. Could the same be said for people who think all the socialist countries around the world that provide single payer health care, and basically have a Bernie Sanders socialist world view are free to move to those countries as well?

    As for you Anonymous, while I agree that many people are underpaid, there are many that are overpaid as well, especially in the public sector unions. How many of them are willing to give up a few benefits so that taxes can be lower for those who pay their wages? None that I’ve come in contact with. Perhaps the ideal solution would be to give tax breaks to the large corporations (to help create jobs) with the stipulation that a percentage of those savings MUST be paid through higher wages in order to recieve them, or qualify. Also, what wasteful government programs and grant money are YOU willing to live without in order to provide the healthcare and education that you demand? You have to give up something to pay for it all. Let’s start with the post office rate increases, and then take a look at the public sector unions.

  12. Anonymous, don’t be jealous of the wealth and success of others. Only 42% of American’s pay taxes. Do you pay any? If you want to pay more, you won’t be stopped.

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