Congressman Owens Praises Move to Extend Stop-Loss Deadline

Submitted by Congressman Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh)

WASHINGTON – Congressman Bill Owens today praised the news that the Department of Defense has extended the deadline for servicemen and women who had their service involuntarily extended to apply for “stop-loss” payment compensation. The payments amount to $500 per month in which a service member spent one day or more under involuntary orders that delayed their retirement or separation from active duty. Average compensations are estimated to reach $3,700 per person.

“I am glad to see the deadline extended for the tens of thousands of military personnel who have not yet applied for their due compensation,” said Owens. “The sacrifices that troops and their families have made for the country are too many to count, and it is a top priority that they are paid for the work they have done to make the nation safer and more secure.”

The original deadline for applications was October 21st, and was previously extended to December 3rd. This announcement provides servicemembers with two additional weeks to apply for their due pay. Owens previously worked with local groups to spread the word about the quickly approaching deadline for personnel to apply for these benefits.

More information about eligibility can be found at the Department of Defense website, www.defense.gov/stoploss. If Upstate veterans or service members have any questions about their eligibility, they are encouraged to please call Owens’ DC (202-225-4611) or Watertown (315-782-3150) offices.

In his first year in office, Owens has worked with his colleagues to further improve the quality of life for current service members and their families, including through a military pay increase, restarting the MyCAA program and ongoing efforts to better equip men and women of the armed forces in the field.