Construction Begins On New Oswego County DMV and Records Center

OSWEGO – Site preparations are already under way and construction is imminent on the expansion and renovation to the existing Oswego County Records Center and Oswego Department of Motor Vehicles office at 384 E. River Road, Oswego.

As such, the Records Center will be closed to the public during construction.

Requests for records or historical research may be made through the Oswego County Clerk’s office by calling 315-349-8612 or emailing [email protected]

“This is an exciting time as Oswego County makes an investment in records management,” said Oswego County Clerk Michael C. Backus. “To ensure everyone’s safety and the safe preservation of records during construction, we need to limit public access to the building starting Monday, March 4. We welcome researchers to make appointments to review records with our staff during construction and will coordinate appointments with staff on a case-by-case basis.”

No interruptions in service to the Oswego DMV location are expected at this time.

A separate parking lot has been established outside of the construction zone for customers and employees.

Customers of the Oswego DMV should park in the open lot and follow existing pathways along temporary fencing to the main entrance to Oswego DMV.


  1. Hi Oswego county l I now Florida, assuming you are building a new modern facility, I hope they done there homework and research. Here where I live the DMV is combined with the real tax property office.. I’ve only been in there about 3 or 4 times, never did I have to wait in line and if I did it was for probably 5 minutes or so., in all the DMV’S I’ve been in in upstate NY, Florida is much much more efficient than Upstate.

  2. I’ve been to quite a number of DMV offices in NYS and other states before moving to Oswego, and I very much appreciate this one. Area residents have the convenience of a DMV office right here in Oswego, plus the staff are always VERY helpful and efficient. They deserve the upgraded facility!

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