Controling House Parties

To the editor,

The recent action of the Common Council to table the Bus Ordinance still leaves us in need of a solution to the problem of house parties. I would like to make a suggestion that might help control the problem.

Many communities such as Trenton NJ, and  L.A., California, have passed local laws dealing with house parties.

The city of Oswego should have such a local ordinance.

This type of ordinance could require a permit, prohibit serving alcohol if their are minor’s present at the party, limit the number of people who can attend based on square footage (some thing that is already regulated by the city for restaurants), times that they can start and must be finished, These are just some of the issues the city could address. I believe this type of local law would be much more helpful than prohibiting what routes buses can travel.

It will then be clear what’s expected as well as the consequences if someone does not comply with the law. The Common Council and the mayor need to solve this long-term issue. The primary problem is alcohol. Limit the use of alcohol at these parties to people who are 21 and this will stop a lot of the problems. Once you start cracking down and people who are hosting these parties end up paying a fine or spending a few nights in jail things will change.

The first step is putting an ordinance in place regarding the parties. I am sure that the city attorney can come up with a reasonable enforceable local law that will help control this problem.

Dave White