Correction: Aubertine’s Member Items Were $400,000 Larger

In our story yesterday, “Oswego County’s Cut Of The Pork Barrel: $600,000“, we missed a large line item for the county.

State Senator Darrel Aubertine secured $100,000 for the Michaud Nursing Home in Fulton to help the nursing home buy and install a kitchen to cook for the nursing home’s residents. The kitchen at Lee Memorial Hospital closed when the hospital closed.

The money was not in a line item under Aubertine’s name, but was part of a package of pork barrel items belonging to the Upstate Senate Delegation. Various coalitions of legislators received pork barrel funds to dole out, including the upstate Senators, a coalition of suburban Senators, separate delegations from Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn, a conference of black Senators and one of Latin Senators.

Aubertine’s district received $400,000 in that package, bringing his direct total to $1.4 million, and the amount for Oswego County, with Assembly members’ pork items added in, to $700,000.  Aubertine would, therefore, not have the lowest member item amount among majority Democrats.

The Senator’s spokesman, Drew Mangione, led us to this better information and we thank him and make this correction.