Council Approves Keep Oswego Clean Initiative

oswego road sign

OSWEGO – The Common Council unanimously approved the mayor’s proposal to clean up the Port City.

The multi-pronged initiative will not only protect the environment and reduce litter, it will also protect the multi-million dollar investment his administration has made in the city, Mayor Billy Barlow said Tuesday night.

The “Keep Oswego Clean Initiative” is an entirely new chapter to the Oswego City Code entitled Chapter 115, “Environmental Protection Code.”

Among other things, it doubles the local fine for litter from $100 to $200.

Hopefully, this will encourage people to do the right thing, the mayor said, adding that the city is doubling the number of trash cans in downtown and city parks to make it easier for people to properly dispose of their trash.

Most of the cpmplaints he has heard about city parks and concerts have had to do with the issue of dealing with secondhand smoke, the mayor said.

The city will now ban smoking, vaping and tobacco use on all city property and events.

The new chapter also includes a ban on the sale and use of Styrofoam within city limits and support of the NYS plastic bag ban that takes effect next year.

The city will offer “Keep Oswego Clean” reusable tote bags.

Reaction to the proposal has been positive, according to the mayor.

Some businesses have already begun to remove Styrofoam from their shelves, he said.


  1. Better check the local restaurants for foam. They almost all have foam containers for takeout and delivery. Just another unenforceable law. Take a ride around The fist ward on Tuesday and see all the trash cans overflowing and the animals tearing it apart .

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