Council Approves OT Funds For Fire Department

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego Fire Department will get its overtime funding. Just not all at once.

At meeting Monday night’s Common Council meeting, aldermen voted 6-1 to approve an amended version of a resolution authorizing Fire Chief Jeff McCrobie to make a budget amendment of $110,000 to cover the short shift overtime from the Fund Balance to Account No. A3410.0101 Illnesses and Vacant Positions.

Council President Dan Donovan made the motion to amend the resolution.

The department will receive the funds “as required to balance the account” and won’t exceed $110,000.

Councilor Bill Sharkey cast the lone nay vote.

He also cast no votes two other times, both requests to purchase new vehicles.

The council voted 6-1 to approve the DPW commissioner’s request to buy two new pickups with plows from the state contract. The funding will be reimbursed from the CHIPS account, he said.

The police chief’s request to buy a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria police vehicle from the state contract was also approved 6-1.

The vehicle would replace one that has more than 115,000 miles and the cost wouldn’t exceed $25,000, he said.

The funds would come out of the department’s budget.

In its 2011 budget proposal, the police department requested the purchase of four new vehicles.

“The council approved the purchase of two. But we feel it would be prudent to order one this year if we can transfer funds from our current budget,” the chief explained. “We feel that if we order a new vehicle now it will help us get through 2011 and 2012. The vehicle we replace will be turned over to the DPW to be done with as you see fit.”

The police chief’s request to do an interdepartmental transfer of $7,100 from A3120.450 to A3120.200 and $17,737 from A3120.460 into A3120.200 in order to purchase the new vehicle was also authorized.