Council Considers Zone Change

OSWEGO, NY – At its meeting Monday night, the Planning and Development Committee forwarded a resolution to the full council to set a public hearing.

The Oswego City Clerk’s Office requested authorization to schedule, advertise and hold a public hearing on the proposed zone change in the Seventh Ward from an R-2 Residential District to a Planned Development District regarding the petition submitted by Walter Lazarek and Stanley Lazarek.

The change has received a favorable recommendation from the Planning Board, according to Mike Joyce (R-Seventh Ward).

The Lazareks want to contract with a Syracuse-based company to build 32 patio home duplexes on the 16 lots.

The company has built about 1,000 of these homes, “and sold all of them,” Joyce told the committee.

“Most of the infrastructure for this development was put in by the city,” he said. “The sewer, the water and the road system, it’s all intact.”

The upscale houses would cost about $199,000, the councilor said.

They would target buyers such as college professors, he said.

“They’d like to start with one home; more or less to run the business out of and sell the other homes,” he said.

The full council will consider the resolution. And, if approved, the hearing will be held at 7:10 p.m. Dec. 8 in the Council Chambers.