Council Debates Clearing The Air At Farmers’ Market

OSWEGO, NY – At this week’s committee meetings, Council President Ron Kaplewicz requested a discussion regarding a smoke-free farmers’ market.

He said he has talked with the chamber director and the mayor about the idea. He said he also went to the market to see what was going on there.

“Depending on who you were talking to, there were definitely different opinions on the subject,” he said. “A couple of vendors that I did talk to one thought it was a good idea, another didn’t care much whether it did or didn’t. Another woman thought it would be a great idea. And from walking around the market, just observing, I think it would be something that would benefit the community.”

He added, it is an outdoor market, but there were “many kids inhaling second-hand smoke.”

If smoking was restricted, at least in the area of the market, “there would be plenty room for those who want to go catch a breath of un-fresh air just outside the market,” he said.

Technically, they only have control over the (closed) street and not the sidewalks for the market, explained Beth Hilton, executive director of the chamber.

She talked with a few downtown merchants. One found it an interesting concept and another was vehemently opposed to it, she told the councilors.

“My biggest concern would be enforcement,” she said. “I did contact the State Farm Market Federation. They were not aware of any outdoor markets that were part of the federation that were smoke-free.”

“Are we talking about teen-agers smoking? Or is it adults?” asked Councilor Connie Cosemento. “We’re giving something else for our police department to enforce, and it’s an impossible situation.”

The committee sent the request to the full council for further consideration.


  1. I’m not in the habit of responding to news items, BUT I just have to respond to this.
    If this is all Ronald Kaplewicz has to be concerned about, I think he should find employment elsewhere. It is totally ridiculous and a waste of time for anyone involved

  2. Its a waste of time,ron kaplewicz should be trying to get more venders to the get it back the way it was a few years ago.use your time and energy for that.

  3. I am also not in the habit of responding to news items. I believe it it not a waste of time. My granddaughter has Cystic Fibrosis and it is very difficult to manuver thru the crowd trying to keep her away from smokers. Many other people here in Oswego also have health issues that they should not be near smokers. How about a designated spot for people to socialize and smoke if so desired, which will leave the area near the vendors smoke free. I feel it could also be a fire hazard near some to the vendor tents and their wares. I am sure this can be worked out so everyone involved can enjoy the Farmer’s Market.

  4. What about all the vendors that smoke while the market is in full swing?
    Why is it that with everything else going on in the city that something as petty as this make headlines? N
    By the way I am ot a smoker. I do not care one way or the other, leave it up to the individual on whether or not they choose to smoke.

  5. I feel the police have enough to watch and take care of at the Farm Market to keep it so the community can enjoy the Farm Market. I know i show respect and go over where i feel it won’t hurt or harm anyone and sit on a corner away from the Market. Toward the South East corner. If the people are not growed on that corner. This is as Coordinator of the Neighborhood Watch Program is one thing to do automatic show respect to one another. Lets just do that instead of putting it on the police dept. to take care of this issue. Like i said at the common council meeting one night awhile ago what happened to respect & consideration & communication. I said i guess that has gone down the drain. We need to get that back and things would go a lot better in our COMMUNITY. LET’S GET STARTED AND THINKING ABOUT THIS!!!!

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