Council Eyes Making Part of East Fourth One Way

OSWEGO, NY – At its meeting Monday night, the Physical Services Committee discussed changing East Fourth Street (from Utica Street to Albany Street) to a one-way street in a southerly direction from Utica Street.

“I’m just putting this on for discussion. We’re not going to take action on this,” Fourth Ward Councilor Shawn Walker explained. “I just want some more input. I’ve been getting some good vibes and some bad vibes on it.”

Last year, the Traffic Committee sent out a survey to the area residents.

The responses were: four leave as is, six go one way (southbound), and two had no preference, Walker said.

“That’s all we received. But now I am getting some more feedback. People calling me and saying they would not like it because they live on East Sixth Street and Albany and they go down to get the light, because it is hard to get out otherwise because of the traffic,” he said. “So I have the traffic consideration with the constituents. I’m just trying to get everybody’s input.”

“It would be easier for us, with parking,” explained Andy Dowdle of Dowdle Funeral Home. “It’s also a safety concern as far as people coming northbound on East Fourth Street. There’s a four-way stop at the corner of East Fourth and Albany. A lot of people tend to not slow down too much. And there is a number of young children in the neighborhood. I just think it would be better if we didn’t have people going through there at high rate of speed.”

Third Ward Councilor Mike Todd said it is something the city should consider and try.

Sixth Ward Councilor Eric VanBuren agreed, adding that he has had some constituents reach out to him regarding how hard it is to get out onto Utica Street from the side streets.

It could be one way northbound, or southbound, Walker said.

Second Ward Councilor and committee chair Mike Myers suggested Walker hold a neighborhood meeting to get more feedback.

“I’d like to get a little town hall meeting,” Walker agreed. “We can hash it out. I don’t want to tick anybody off. That’s their neighborhood, they live there.”

A town hall meeting will be scheduled on the matter and Walker will share the results at a future committee meeting.

In other action:

Linda Paris, owner of a single-family dwelling at 350 Duer St., requested use of public space for a proposed (5.37’ x 16.9’) second story addition to an existing encroachment.

Richard Goodman, owner of a single-family dwelling at 304 Maple St. requested use of public space (3.4’ x 67’) in order to erect a four-foot high chain-link fence between the curb and the property line fronting Lawrence Street.

The Oswego Bookmobile Program committee requested use of city property in various parks for its 2013 summer schedule as well as a small area in the parking lot at the Fort Ontario pool on Monday afternoons.

Cindy Reed, owner of Port City Day Spa, 9 E. Cayuga St., requested approval of one 2’ x 3’ A-frame sign in public space at the northeast corner of East First and Cayuga streets.

Brian Girard, owner of Blue Plate Seafood, 173 W. First St., requested approval of one 2’ x 3’ 4”A-frame sing in public space fronting on West First Street.

The committee sent all the requests to the full council for consideration.