Council OKs Re-Write Of Oswego’s Zoning Code


OSWEGO – The Common Council unanimously approved Local Law No. 5 of the Year 2019.

The local law amends Chapter 280, Zoning, Of the Code of the City of Oswego.

Prior to the vote Monday night, a couple residents sought clarification regarding some areas pf the new zoning code.

One speaker said she came to express her discontent with the changes.

However, she said she spoke to a councilor who helped explains things for her.

“She has helped me understand a little more about this,” she told the council.

Bill Myer addressed some concerns “that may seem trivial, but if you have some neighbors who don’t like you, it could be an issue,” he said.

The code says you can have a 40-foot motor home. But the height can only be 12-foot high.

“When you get 36 feet and above, they’re more than 12 feet high,” he pointed out.

He also questioned part pf the code that seems to restrict certain pickup trucks.

Another speaker was confused over wording that made it sound as if she needed a special permit to live in her one-family home since she would be in a traditional business district.

City officials assured her she did not.

Mayor Billy Barlow commended everyone who worked on the project.

“A lot of work, a lot of time went into this. It’s a total re-write,” he said. “We tried to be as transparent as possible.”

The code is much clearer now about things, he added.

The local law shall become effective upon filing with the New York State Secretary of State.


  1. Can a copy of the new code (and maybe the old code as a comparison) be dropped off at City Library to be signed out to read? In the spirit of full transparency, which doesn’t appear to happen all the time on the Federal level! ;0)

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