Harborfest Poster Winner Announced

Peter Myles and Andjela Djapa present her chosen poster design.

OSWEGO – The Common Council breezed through its agenda Monday night and approved use of city properties for Oswego Harbor Festivals.

This year’s Harborfest is set for July 23-26.

Oswego Harborfest is a fantasy celebration much like “Alice in Wonderland.”

This year the winning poster promoting the fest has an international flavor.

Andjela Djapa, a junior at SUNY-Oswego, had her work selected as the poster that would be the face of the 2020 edition of Oswego Harborfest.

The theme, “Alice in Wonderland” was a challenge.

Harborfest Executive Director Peter Myles said, “As always we had several outstanding submissions for our annual poster competition. The works were outstanding and made the selection even that much more difficult. Andjela’s piece brought together the multiple facets of Harborfest and we are proud to be able to display her artistic talent to the thousands of people who attend one of the largest free music festivals in the Northeast.”

Djapa said, “After reading the instructions and looking at previous designs for the poster, I started sketching. I knew that I had to have Oswego landmarks in my piece along with some things that represent the Alice in Wonderland theme. Afterward, I started composing the piece thinking of the elements to include in the design and overall I am satisfied with my work.”

In talking about her reaction to being selected she said, “I am extremely excited. This is a wonderful opportunity and I couldn’t be prouder to have been selected. This will encourage me to be braver and submit my work to competitions and shows more often. My work has never received an award. I have always been scared to enter any contests.”

This year’s winner gives and international feeling to the process as she noted, “I am an international student from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. The name of my high school, Dizajnerska Skola, when translated in English is ‘The Design High School’.”

Djapa has had a long love of art.

“My mother is an architect,” Djapa said. “Therefore, art and design have always been a part of my life. When I was younger, she enrolled me in a painting class that pushed my love and interest in art even further. After that, I enrolled in a Design High School and here I am now.”

This year’s winner has found her path widened due to her artistic talent.

Harborfest was founded with the mission of creating nationally recognized festivals and events that attract and engage a broad and diverse audience, celebrate and build community, and advance economic development in Oswego.

It would not be possible to continue this event without the support received from the city of Oswego, businesses, organizations, government entities, and individuals and family members. Myles stressed the importance of that support.

“If you are interested in providing financial support for Harborfest 2020 please contact the Harborfest office in person or call at 315-343-6858,” Myles said.

www.oswegoharborfest.com is constantly being updated and will announce the music performers and attractions as soon as contracts are signed.

Bill  Foley / Harborfest contributed to this report