Oswego Council To Consider Kan Jam Request

OSWEGO, NY – At this week’s meeting of the Physical Services Committee, councilors paved the way for a league for a new sport to take the field in Oswego this summer.

Steve Smith requested use of space in Fort Ontario Park for an organized league in a recreational game called Kan Jam.

Teams would play Mondays from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. May through August with Tuesdays as the rain date.

The teams could use a portion of McCrobie Field, the Main Diamond or another suitable area if the council wishes, he told the committee.

Steve Smith explains some of the finer points of Kan Jam to members of the Oswego Common Council during committee meetings this week.
Steve Smith explains some of the finer points of Kan Jam to members of the Oswego Common Council during committee meetings this week.

“Kan Jam is a fast-paced disc tossing game that is rapidly growing in popularity. The game was founded in Buffalo and has since spread all over the world,” Smith said.

Teams of two, set up similar to horseshoes, take turns throwing a disc at “kans” spread 50 feet apart. The first team to score 20 points without going over is the winner.

There are three ways to score, Smith explained.

The first is to hit the “kan” by having a teammate redirect the disc for one point, this is called a “dinger.” The second way is to directly hit the “kan” (with no help from a teammate) for two points, called a “deuce.” The last way is for a teammate to “bucket” or slam the disc through the top of the “kan” for three points.

In the front of the “kan” is a slot where, if the disc goes through, the throwing team automatically or throws an “instant win,” Smith added.

More information can be found at www.kanjam.com

Smith said he hopes to get about six teams for the inaugural league; for players ages 16 and up.

Scoring would be done on the honor system, he added.

Interested players can contact Smith at (315)-729-3537.

Councilors also sent four requests for use of public space to the full council for consideration.

Sarah Davies, owner of a single-family dwelling at 113 W. Cayuga St., wants to construct an 18-foot by six-foot roofed porch, fronting on West Cayuga Street.

Caitlin Demm, owner and occupant of a single-family dwelling at 3000 W. Second St., wants to install a 20-foot by 22-foot two-car parking area, fronting on West Second Street.

The Oswego Public Library wants to erect an informational three-foot by four-foot post-mounted sign at the corner of East First and Oneida streets.

Richard T. Beher requested use of public space for the New Grace Fellowship.

He asked the committee to allow him to use the northeast corner of Breitbeck Park for gatherings at 10:30 a.m. Saturdays and 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays.

“This way, we won’t conflict with nobody else, with any other services or activities,” he explained. “Everyone is welcome, all religions, faiths, belief systems or alternative lifestyles. There won’t be any indoctrinations or prejudices tolerated. It’s time to start uniting, and this is the only way I know how to do it.”

The services will last between 90 minutes to two hours.

If they have to move or shorten a service, they will Beher said, adding, “We’re flexible.”

Also receiving a favorable recommendation were two requests for use of city property.

The Foster Adoptive Parent Association of Oswego County would like to display a banner in Washington Square Park for the month of May in celebration of Foster Care Month.

Shane Broadwell, event coordinator at GS Steamers, is seeking the closure of Canal Street from 4 to 11 p.m. on Thursdays from July 29 through Sept. 2 in order to hold their 14th annual Riverfront Concert Series.

He also requested an amusement license to cover the concert dates and a waiver of the noise ordinance for the Thursday evening concerts.