Councilor Barlow applauds SUNY Oswego, American Red Cross For Assistance

OSWEGO, NY – Amid the bitter cold weather, the city of Oswego has been experiencing a significant amount of water main breaks throughout the city and water pipes bursting in the homes of residents.

As families have become displaced, SUNY Oswego has stepped in to assist the city and the American Red Cross in providing shelter and a place of refuge in Laker Hall for those affected by the recent problems.

Oswego city Councilor Billy Barlow acknowledges the assistance provided by the college and noted the growing positive relationship between SUNY Oswego and the city of Oswego.

“It is with the most sincerity that I, on behalf of the city of Oswego and our residents, thank President Deborah Stanley, her staff and the SUNY Oswego community collectively for their assistance to the city during this complicated, trying time,” Barlow said. “The beneficial aspects of having SUNY Oswego within our community were on full display over the recent days and will continue in the days to come.”

Due to the constant cold weather and water troubles across the city, Oswego Mayor Tom Gillen issued a State of Emergency late Wednesday as the Oswego Fire Department, Oswego Police Department and Department of Public Works began to coordinate their response and recovery efforts.

This is also when the American Red Cross and SUNY Oswego stepped in to offer their help.

“The American Red Cross also played a vital role in our response efforts and they are an important asset to our community as well,” Barlow added.

This unified response effort should be a sign of things to come, Barlow said, adding, “The aid in this response effort is the epitome of building and capitalizing on positive relationships and brings to the forefront how fortunate we are to have partners in SUNY Oswego and the American Red Cross.”


  1. Maybe Oswego city Councilor Billy Barlow can move out of Mommy and Daddy’s house and into the current shelter as a gesture of appreciation and of personal growth as a young adult before trying to put on Mr Mayor pants.

  2. The above comment shows your jealousy. I’d prefer Barlow as our mayor over the last 2 we’ve been stuck with. The fact of where he resides means nothing. Maybe if it were more affordable to own a home in Oswego he’d do so. Buying a house in Oswego has meant financial ruin for a lot of people because of who’s worn the “mayor pants” the past few decades with their mismanagement of city finances.

  3. Personal attacks like the one “Bob” has brought forth will do nothing for the advancement of the City of Oswego. The ability and willingness to lead doesn’t have an age attached to it nor a living condition. Not to mention that we have a serious situation here in the City with pipes freezing and to use that to try to not only personally attack someone but to try to be funny in the process demonstrates a lack of concern over the current issue. We must elevate our discourse if we are to have a better Oswego, not sink to the depths of personal attacks.

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