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September 22, 2018

Counseling and Healing Arts Adds ‘The Healing Arts Studio’

FULTON, NY – Counseling and Healing Arts is a well-known and established counseling agency in the city of Fulton. It provides mental health counseling as well as holistic health care. Counseling and Healing Arts provides a warm, welcoming environment to those who need emotional support and counseling, according to Tiffany Gentile, clinical director.

A meditation class being taught by Susan Brockway at The Healing Arts Studio. The space is on the third floor of Counseling and Healing Arts at 188 S. Third St., Fulton.

A meditation class being taught by Susan Brockway at The Healing Arts Studio. The space is on the third floor of Counseling and Healing Arts at 188 S. Third St., Fulton.

“When we opened Counseling and Healing Arts three years ago, our intention was to not only offer healing through mental health counseling but also to provide various healing opportunities that our area has limited access to,” Gentile explained. “There is substantial research that shows the health benefits of holistic practices like yoga, meditation and Taiji such as assisting in reducing stress and anxiety.”

They offer professional strength-based therapy and supportive services to clients and encourage personal growth and healing, she added.

“We have many clients. Everyone has a full caseload and our waiting list grows by the day,” Office Manager Becky Lloyd said. “What we offer really depends on if you’re talking about our counseling business or our Healing Arts Studio.”

For the counseling, they offer pretty much anything that you can think of. They work with people with anxiety, depression, OCD, eating disorders, addictions, marriage and family, play therapy and more.

They also run groups every so often, which range from mindfulness, positive parenting groups, eating disorder groups, and emotional eating groups.

For the Healing Arts Studio, they offer Yoga, Taiji and Qi Gong, Meditation, Soul Hooping, Reiki and maybe piyo in the future, Lloyd said.

“As part of the Healing Arts Studio, we will also be offering workshops and these include things like: Soul Hooping, Essential Oils, Mindful Parenting, Overcoming Overwhelm, Reiki Rejuvination and again – more to come,” she added.

The main office is located at 188 S. Third St., Fulton. They host a satellite office in Oswego.

Open since 2015, it recently expanded its office to include The Healing Arts Studio.

“We have been focused on creating a space where people can come for either counseling or classes or both; whatever they need to improve themselves,” Gentile said. “We finally have that space and the staff to be able to offer healing to people on a whole new level. We are excited to take this step and we are looking forward to this expansion of our practice.”

The studio is located on the third floor of Counseling and Healing Arts. It is a large space where various types of classes and training will be held to promote healing.

“We are adding the studio because it has always been the dream. It’s right in our name – Counseling & Healing Arts. We believe that there is more to a person than just the mental side of things,” Lloyd told Oswego County Today. “We want to help the whole person and we also very much believe in self care. Part of self care is taking care of our bodies through movement and mindful meditation. So yes, there is a huge need for more things like this in our area!”

Classes are offered at various times during the day and evenings with weekend classes coming soon.

The grand opening celebration is scheduled for April 7. It will include classes being offered all day as well as information about essential oils, natural products, Reiki, chair massages and more.

You do not need to be a client at Counseling and Healing Arts to attend classes and workshops, Gentile pointed out.

All are welcome and the first class is free.

According to Gentile, there is a high need in Oswego County for excellent mental health care.

“Due to the high poverty levels, extensive drug and alcohol usage and overwhelming mental health issues, we have been working very hard to make a difference in this community. We have built a great team of counselors and staff and we continue to grow as we see the needs of the community,” she said.

If you go to any town, you will find multiple gyms and health fitness studios, Lloyd noted.

In Oswego, there are a few in close proximity and in Syracuse there are even more, she said.

“What works for one person may not work for another – while we may have similar classes on our schedule, we are creating an entirely different atmosphere here,” she explained. “This is an actual studio. It is not in a gym setting. The third floor is entirely dedicated to a calm and serene place to be. When we have our classes, Yoga, Meditation and Taiji, it is quiet and calming. People come here to experience that and that’s what we aim to provide!”

The stigma is very much lessening when seeking help with mental health issues, according to Lloyd.

It’s becoming more the “norm,” because people are realizing that “sometimes we just cannot do it alone,” she said. “People are seeing the benefits of reaching out for help whether it’s for a family member or themselves. Anyone and everyone can benefit from seeing a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.”

“To us, success is helping even just one person each day – which we very easily do by 9 a.m. Our entire staff is very dedicated to making sure that our clients feel comfortable and supported by us from the moment that they walk into the door until they walk out to continue with their days,” Lloyd said. “That is success to us.”

The Oswego office is at 17 W. Cayuga St. Suite 1A. Both offices have the same phone number (315-207-5435). Only the Fulton office has a receptionist.

The office hours vary, but generally are 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Friday.

More information and schedules are updated frequently on The Healing Arts Studio Facebook page.

You can also call 315-207-5435 for more information.

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