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September 18, 2018

County Approves Feasibility Study for Waste Water Treatment Plant in Volney

Feasibility study associated with the reuse of the Waste Water Treatment Plant at the former Miller Brewing facility in Volney approved..

Feasibility study associated with the reuse of the Waste Water Treatment Plant at the former Miller Brewing facility in Volney approved..

OSWEGO – On December 14, the Oswego County Legislature approved a feasibility study associated with the reuse of the Waste Water Treatment Plant at the former Miller Brewing facility in Volney.

As part of their approval, the Oswego County Legislature agreed to pay $49,000 toward the study.

The remaining $49,000, of the $98,000 study, will be paid by Operation Oswego County and the County of Oswego Industrial Development Agency.

C&S Engineers, Inc., of Syracuse, will be retained to conduct the study.

The feasibility study will focus upon the potential reactivation of the former Miller Brewing waste water treatment plant for the purpose of it serving as a regional waste water treatment facility.

The study will identify and document the reasons for undertaking the project, including conveyance limitations, plant capacity, and consent orders.

It will also address the Oswego County Economic Advancement Plan findings of the need to enhance infrastructure capacity in order to advance economic development potential.

According to the Oswego County Economic Advancement Plan, adopted on November 9 of this year, “access to roads, sewer, water, communication technologies, and electricity are prerequisites for economic growth.”

The plan identified that the “sewer system limitations are the greatest barrier to future economic growth, creation of jobs, and expansion of the tax base in Oswego County” and suggested the “reactivation of sewer services from the waste water treatment plant [at] the former Miller Brewing plant” into a regional municipal facility could alleviate sewer capacity deficiencies and spur future economic growth.

C&S Engineers will research potential service areas and note where new waste water conveyance infrastructure will be needed, along with potential conveyance route options.

A preliminary cost estimate for the reactivation of the facility will be provided, including the costs associated with the construction of new conveyance infrastructure.

The study will also include a conceptual 20-year operations and maintenance budget, while identifying potential infrastructure ownership and operation arrangements options.

C&S Engineers will work closely with the facility owner, the County of Oswego IDA, and its partners, Operation Oswego County, Inc. and the Oswego County Legislature, to review potential service area information.

They will also work in cooperation with the village of Phoenix, the towns of Schroeppel and Volney, and the city of Fulton.

“The IDA, OOC and the county are working together, as a team, to address the infrastructure issues identified in the Oswego County Economic Advancement Plan. This study is integral and vital to this paramount initiative,” stated L. Michael Treadwell, CEO of the IDA.

Due to its strategic location along the NY 481 corridor and potential capacity, the facility would, if developed into a regional waste water treatment plant, could cover parts of Phoenix, Schroeppel, Volney and Fulton.

Such a facility could open up the area for future business and industrial development, as well as being able to support residential housing that would boost economic growth.

The study will be completed within five months.

5 Responses “County Approves Feasibility Study for Waste Water Treatment Plant in Volney”

  1. Frank Castiglia
    December 20, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    Questions that need to be addressed are what impact will this have on the revenue from the Fulton wastewater treatment plant. We lost the slug from the county landfill sites this year to Oswego. Costing the city of Fulton. The next to go would be the waste from the Miller site and the Brew house. Then the county would need to obtain some of the Cities residential waste to obtain their licence to operate. This could be the straw that breaks the cities’ back. We will need to obtain equal volume from somewhere or our rates may go sky high. These are several of the reasons I didn’t vote in favor of this study. I will push for an agreement that will benefit the City of Fulton.

  2. Class of '77
    December 21, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    Next thing you know Fulton will try to annex the place.

  3. Frank Castiglia
    December 21, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    Class of ’77..If I get elected Mayor..You bet I will try and do just that. And also a mile to two miles all around the city. Fulton has three choices. Dissolve, Expand or Raise taxes. We can’t down size any departments enough to reduce the costs enough to lower taxes. The city needs to gain $6 million dollars in revenue to cover costs of public safety. A true balance sheet tells the truth. Aldi’s helped but remember the largest mfg. in the city only pays $90,000 in taxes. That doesn’t pay the salary of one firefighter.

  4. Earl Wes
    December 21, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    Even through the largest mfg only pays 90k how many of them pay taxes in Fulton. It would had been smart back in 94 to take the water treatment over.

  5. Erik w
    December 21, 2017 at 9:49 pm

    Sounds like we need less firefighters if they cost more than $90k each. Frank, I dont agree with the assertion of “growing” will solve the financial issues plauging the city. Along with annexed growth comes all the bills too. Fulton cant maintain its current infrastructure so how would you maintain 100s of miles more of pipes, power, gas, etc.? If you dont have an economy to support the current footprint or growth, youre doomed. Its time to regionalize your public safety. Its atrocious when almost half your budget if not more goes toward fire and police. What was the value of property saved from fire last year or annually on average? Why couldnt the Sheriffs Dept and NYSP handle LE? Its time to do your biz or get off the can. At this point, the city is circling the drain.

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