County Board of Realtors Scholarships Awarded; Grimshaw Urges Hope

OSWEGO, NY –  Three Oswego County teens are on their way to four more years of school, study and hard work, and the Oswego County Board of Realtors gave them a boost to help them get there.

Joshua Lococo from Sandy Creek High School, Kylee Bartlett from APW Junior Senior High School, and Katheryn Wood from the Paul V. Moore High School in Central Square, were announced as the 18th Annual OCBR Annual Scholarship recipients on May 19.

The students and their families were invited to attend the local Realtor’s annual scholarship award dinner meeting held last week at the Oswego Elks Club.

After dinner, OCBR Scholarship Committee members Patricia Murray, Derek Woodmancy, Michael LaFurney and Florence Farley awarded a $500 scholarship to each graduate.

Scholarship Committee chairwoman Marilyn Boyzuick said she was proud of all the applicants and thanked everyone for the continued support of the long-running scholarship award. “This is like our anniversary dinner, we’ve been working together for so long,” she added.

Lococo is headed for Ohio State University this fall and his anticipated program of study is biomedical engineering.

Bartlett was accepted at the University of Rochester and her intended program of study is biology/pre-med.

Wood will be attending SUNY Brockport in August to pursue a career in nuclear medicine technology.

The evening’s guest speaker was SUNY Oswego Office of Business and Community Relations Director Jeffrey Grimshaw.

A former law enforcement officer, Grimshaw spoke about fostering an environment of healthy change and growth by comparing a community under stress to a rain forest where plants and animals thrive even under the most adverse conditions.

“We have to change things in Oswego County,” Grimshaw said. “We have to change our community to create the right environment. In the rain forest the conditions are right for the things that are right.”

But change is not always a big idea, Grimshaw said. “You can change the world in discrete steps, one person at a time.”

“We have to change our model by exposing ourselves to different people, cultures. In order to change our future we have to think differently,” the director added.

With small business as the backbone of every community, he noted that we all have the opportunity to have a large impact, one person at a time.

Grimshaw then offered the Realtors and graduates these seven rules according to Greg Horowitt and Victor Hwang, authors of The Rainforest: The secret to building the next Silicon Valley:

Rule #1 – Break rules and dream

Rule #2 – Open doors and listen

Rule #3 – Trust and be trusted

Rule #4 – Experiment and iterate together

Rule #5 – Seek fairness, not advantage

Rule #6 – Err, fail, and persist

Rule #7 – Pay it forward

OCBR President Constance Ryan congratulated the scholarship winners and thanked Grimshaw. “The OCBR Realtors are behind you 100 percent,” she said.

Applications for the annual scholarship are available at the beginning of each calendar year bycontacting the OCBR and local high school guidance offices.