County Clerk Advises Residents To Save Time and Money by Using Local DMV Offices

Submitted by Oswego County

George Williams
George Williams

OSWEGO – Oswego County Clerk George J. Williams is encouraging local residents to save time and money by using one of the local Department of Motor Vehicles offices for their motor vehicle transactions.

Williams said a portion of the fees collected by the DMV remains in Oswego County and helps hold the line on local property taxes. When people mail their DMV renewals to the state office in Utica, the county receives nothing.

“As the official Oswego County agent for the New York State DMV, the Oswego County Clerk’s Office handles thousands of motor vehicle registrations, renewals and other motorist transactions for local residents each year,” he said. “You pay nothing extra for using our fast, friendly, local service, and a portion of the fees we collect helps hold the line on county property taxes.”

Vehicle renewals can be mailed to the Oswego Motor Vehicle Office at 384 E. River Road, Oswego, 13126.

Williams said it’s important for local residents to know that if they mail their registration renewal to the Oswego DMV office, they must cover or cross out the postal bar code that is pre-printed on the DMV envelope.

“The envelopes that the DMV sends with the vehicle renewals are pre-printed with the Utica address bar code,” he explained. “If the bar code isn’t covered or crossed out, the letter will be delivered to Utica, even if it has an Oswego address on it.”

Williams said last year the Oswego County Clerk’s Office retained more than $1.3 million in fees. The revenue covered all expenses associated with operating the three DMV offices, and returned $400,000 to the county general fund.

“If everyone used the County Clerk’s DMV offices, instead of mailing paperwork to the state DMV, we could double that amount,” he said.

Oswego County DMV offices are open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. and are located at 384 E. River Road, Oswego; 200 N. Second St., Fulton; and 2 Broad St., Pulaski. For information call 349-8300; 591-9136; or 298-6521.


  1. I have tried to utilize our county DMV offices on several occasions last week to renew my registration. Every time I attmepted to renew my registration, the line was rediculous. I waisted my precious time and money on gas returning several times so I decidede to renew online. I received my new registration sticker in less than a week. That is more efficeint than doing business at the local DMV office.

  2. Have to agree with Dina. Anyone who has ever used the local Fulton DMV has never experienced the “fast, friendly, local service” Mr. Williams speaks of. The lines are always long and slow. Someone is always on break. And if you don’t have your paperwork completely correct they send you back to the side desks to correct it and make you wait in line all over again.

    I have twice suggested that they have one of the clerks greet people as they come in and advise them what they need to do to get their paperwork in order before getting in line. Now that would shorten lines, improve efficiency, and speed up service. But that suggestion has been ignored. So whenever possible I will just do it online, pay higher taxes, and save myself the aggravation of dealing with the local DMV.

  3. Agree with both! None of them are very “friendly” it seems like you are bothering them so I’ll buy a stamp and send it in.

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