County Clerk Supports Assemblyman’s Re-Election Bid

To The Editor:
When it comes to being connected to their community, few elected officials compare to Will Barclay. Having known Will for many years and witnessing his work firsthand, I am proud to endorse, campaign for, and support Assemblyman Barclay in his bid for re-election.

Recently, I attended a debate between the Assemblyman
and his opponent. Clearly I harbor a bias, but throughout the debate on key issues I watched our representative in Albany demonstrate why he deserves to be re-elected.

On issues like water levels and healthcare, Will Barclay deftly demonstrated how important institutional knowledge is for our elected officials.

His connections to recently named IJC Commissioner
Jane Corwin will help us rethink Plan 2014 and protect our property rights.

His practical and honest approach to healthcare reform keeps taxpayers at the forefront, while encouraging an
entrepreneurial approach to combating opioids and synthetic drugs.

More than anything though, Assemblyman Barclay’s focus on job creation and true economic development is what sets him apart as an elected official.

As many before me have highlighted, Will fought for FitzPatrick and helped us retain our nuclear industry at Nine Mile, FitzPatrick, and Ginna.

He organized our community and led the effort to save that essential economic engine.

Not only were the plants saved, but I’ve seen the investments being made at Nine Mile and FitzPatrick with my own eyes.

Those investments hopefully will spur further development
around nuclear generation and help Oswego County lead New York in clean, renewable energy development.

Personally and professionally, I enthusiastically encourage all voters in Assembly District 120 to vote Will Barclay for Assembly on Tuesday, November 6.

In Freedom, Michael C. Backus


  1. another Republican against universal healthcare for New Yorkers (and Americans) in order to maximize profits for private health insurance and pharmaceutical companies

    ridiculous mythological rhetoric as a cover for billionaire rule and oligarchy

    vote for Gail Tosh … she cares about you … the Barclay aristocracy represents wealth, privilege, hereditary rule (Doug Barclay, Will Barclay, etc …)

  2. There’s those “oligarchy”, and “aristocracy” references from the long standing, tired old liberal playbook.
    Universal healthcare leads only to inferior quality, longer waiting times, and a more than 30 trillion (yes folks, trillion with a “t” ) dollar price tag. Proven failure wherever it’s tried.
    Explaining economics to a socialist is a waste of time however , as if they knew anything about economics, they wouldn’t be socialists.
    I appreciate how much Tosh might care for me, but I’m not voting for a Mommy, I’m voting for a representative.
    Vote Barclay, for “Big” capitalism

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