County Democrats Endorse Amy Tresidder for Mayor

OSWEGO – The Oswego County Democratic Committee on Monday evening endorsed Amy Tresidder for mayor of the city of Oswego.

Amy Tresidder
Amy Tresidder

Common themes during the committee’s discussion were Tresidder’s years of experience as a county legislator, her focus on efficient and accountable city government, and her passion for revitalizing the city’s neighborhoods and infrastructure.

Committee first vice chair Gordon Prosser was pleased with the endorsement.

“Amy has the experience in government necessary to hold every city department accountable to the taxpayers,” he said. “She will take budgeting seriously, control bureaucratic growth, and find ways to cut costs for services.”

In her remarks before the committee, Tresidder spoke about her dedication to the city of Oswego.

“I believe in this city. I’ve lived here for more than three decades, I raised a family here, and for the last five years I have been fighting for the city of Oswego in the county legislature. My experience in life and in government has prepared me to bring accountability to our city leadership,” she said.

Tresidder said that the committee’s endorsement reflects the urgent need for change in the city of Oswego.

“I’ve been met with an enormous amount of support since announcing my candidacy,” she said. “It’s humbling, but also inspiring, to meet so many people who want to take back their city.”

The committee’s enthusiastic support for Tresidder was summed up by committee member Rita Hooper:

“Amy is a wonderful candidate. She’s one of the smartest and hardest working people I know, and she has the best interest of the taxpayers in mind. She’s going to be great for the City of Oswego,” she said.

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