County Election Results 2015: Barlow Tops Tresidder In Oswego Mayoral Race

Billy Barlow

Billy Barlow

OSWEGO – Shortly before 10:30 p.m. Billy Barlow entered the ballroom of the Oswego Conference Center to a huge round of cheers.

Billy Barlow
Billy Barlow

Barlow, a Republican, unofficially beat Democrat challenger Amy Tresidder.

At 25, Barlow, is the youngest mayor in the Port City’s history.

“Running a positive campaign means something. Tonight’s victory is a testament to where we, the residents of the Port City, are headed together. From the start of this campaign I have been focused on bringing fresh ideas and energy to Oswego and those efforts have paid off. I want to thank my family, friends, and all the campaign volunteers for their efforts during this campaign. Most of all I want to thank all the voters that came out and made their voices heard. I look forward to getting to work as mayor of Oswego,” Barlow told Oswego County Today.

“Official results will take a few weeks before we certify,” Dick Atkins, a county elections commissioner, told Oswego County Today.

In the Port City, Republicans have a firm control over the 2016 Common Council; headed by a Republican mayor, Billy Barlow, and five of the seven councilors.

Caitlin Reynolds (First Ward) and Pat McLaughlin (Second Ward) are the two Democrats.

Filling out the Republican ranks are: Nate Emmons (Third Ward), Shawn Walker (Fourth Ward), John B. Gosek (Fifth Ward), Eric VanBuren (Sixth Ward), and Robert Corradino (Seventh Ward).

Tuesday night, Barlow thanked the voters for helping him win “quite decisively.” He added several more thank yous.

The mayor-elect’s voice cracked with emotion as he thanked his mom, dad and sister for their support.

“They put up with this grueling campaign all summer long. My mom and dad came from very humble beginnings,” he said.

They had faith in him, allowed him to go to whatever (college) he wanted, he added.

“They allowed me to work in their business, expand our family business. Their life is the epitome of the American Dream. Mom and dad, I can’t thank you enough!” he said.

“We ran a clear message right from the beginning of the campaign starting with restoring our neighborhoods, revitalizing our neighborhoods, using fresh energy, new approaches and real ambition,” he continued. “We’re lucky to have so many valuable assets that we have. My hope and my job, quite frankly, as mayor is to highlight those assets and deliver to the voters in Oswego.”

His goals include rebuilding neighborhoods, expanding the tax base and make the community attractive to young professionals to move and raise a family, he said.

“I am honored to represent the people of Oswego,” John B. Gosek said. “I am looking forward to working with all the new councilors, new mayor Billy Barlow and Justin Rudgick, community development director. I will do what I can to make Oswego a better place and improve the economy here, bring jobs in and promote our waterfront.”

FULTON, NY – At 5 minutes after 9 p.m. on voting day (Tuesday, November 3) the Democratic party joins together at the Riverside Inn of Fulton awaiting their results.

The Republican party, headed by Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. is stationed at the Fulton Polish Home also in anticipation of results.

Shortly after 10 p.m., the unofficial results started rolling in.

For Fulton, Mayor Woodward Sr. who ran uncontested claimed 470 votes with 20 write-ins, a little over 50% of the votes tallied.

David B. Ritchie takes the win for second ward council in Fulton with 3/4th of the vote over democrat, Ernesto Garcia.

Donald R. Patrick, Jr. won with the democratic party with 69% of the vote over republican, Timothy Crandell for third ward council in Fulton.

Republican Norman J. Foster claimed fifth ward councilor seat over democratic candidate Dan Cunningham with an overwhelming response.

County Legislator incumbent Frank Castiglia Jr. of the 25th district unofficially beat his Republican opponent, former legislator Louella LeClair, in a tight race, winning with 55% of the vote.

The county legislator race for District 22 remains close while incumbent James Karasek holds 52% of the votes, claiming an unofficial win over Democratic opponent James Rice.

District 24 County legislator holds another close unofficial win in favor of Democratic incumbent candidate Daniel Farfaglia with 54% of the vote over opponent Peter E. Holmes.

In Oswego, Billy Barlow awaits official result that he wins the mayoral battle over democratic Amy Tressidder with 54% of the vote. 97 write-in votes were tallied as well.

Democratic candidate Caitlin E. Reynolds for First Ward Councilor in Oswego takes the unofficial win over Republican Brenda Rice.

Second Ward’s Council seat was retained by Democratic Pat McLaughlin over Michael R. Myers with 58% of the vote counted. McLaughlin had narrowly topped then-incumbent Myers in the previous election.

Republican Shawn P. Walker claimed the Fourth Ward council seat over William H. Sharkey.

John B. Gosek won for the Republican party for Fifth Ward in Oswego over Karen Doten with 54% of the vote.

Robert Corradino topped Democratic Thomas Fantom for the Seventh Ward council seat in Oswego.

For the county, District Attorney Greg Oakes led the battle with Michael McAndrews with 67% of the vote, still leaving more than 20% of the ballots untallied.

These results are considered unofficial until the Board of Elections declares official results.

Check back for more information and full results as they come.


  1. This kid lives with his parents. He’s never owned property nor has he felt the pain of the local and state mandated tax increases. Tough to think his head is going to be in the right place with the code enforcement and neighborhood issues.

    He also touts his “experience” in business and government. Lets call a spade a spade — he is part owner of a lemonade stand. My niece sells lemonade as well, but I wouldn’t consider her a business owner. How long has he co-owned this business?

    He has a year of experience as a City Counselor. Using experience as a strength at this juncture in his life shows me that he actually lacks experience and couldn’t produce true justification that he’s ready for a position of this magnitude.

    I think he may be in over his head here. Too bad for Oswego.

  2. Agree w John. The campaign was the most clichéd insipid shameless form of corporate marketing. He’s young so he must have “fresh ideas,” nevermind articulating what the ideas are, nevermind that a 25 year old Republican is a curious thing in and of itself. “Fresh ideas” in the Republican Party? Uh huh.

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