County, Institutions Prepare for Day of Sustained High Winds

Governor Cuomo in NYS command center in Albany reviewing emergency plans with homeland security chief Jerry Hauer
Governor Andrew Cuomo in the NYS command center in Albany reviewing emergency plans with homeland security chief Jerry Hauer.

Agencies and institutions in Oswego County spent the weekend working behind the scenes to prepare for whatever Hurricane Sandy brings us.

The massive storm system — a low-grade hurricane that’s blending with a historically low low-pressure system — is expected to bring moderate rains to our area even as it brings heavy rains and flooding to New York City and the Jersey shore.

But the problem for Central New York is not rain; it’s wind.  And it’s a twofold problem:  The wind will be with us for many hours and it’s coming from an unusual direction.

National Weather Service forecasters say winds of 20 – 40 miles an hour, with peaks as high as 60 miles an hour, will arrive Monday afternoon and stay with us for at least 12 hours.  The sustained pressure from high winds and the fact that it will come from the north instead of the prevailing southwest, puts trees at risk, forecasters say.

Also, the strong north wind will kick up very high waves on Lake Ontario.  Experts say waves of 15 to 20 feet could come crashing ashore along Oswego County’s shoreline.

Acting Director of the Oswego County Emergency Management Office, Terry Bennett, tells Oswego County that her office monitored events throughout the weekend and took part in phone briefings with state officials.

The county could open its emergency operations center if it’s needed.

SUNY Oswego spokeswoman Julie Blissert said the college has been in touch constantly with  weather and emergency officials since Friday.  Any announcements will come on the college’s website and on the campus information line, 312-3333.  The college will use direct messages such as text, email and phone messages to reach students and staff if needed.

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  1. I’ve produced more flatulent wind than what will be seen here over the next couple days…the fear-mongering in the media needs to stop!

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