County Jobless Rate Falls in October

Oswego County’s unemployment rate continues to back down from its double-digit highs.

The October jobless rate for the county was 8.2%. That’s down from 8.6% the month before and far below the 9.6% rate that was among the worst in the state a year ago in October.

Even so, unemployment’s fall was not caused by a huge surge in county residents going to work.

The State Labor Department’s monthly survey found that 53,500 people were working in October, up 100 jobs from the month before. But the number of people listed as unemployed fell by 200 people during the month.

It means that 100 people simply quit looking for work or left the labor market for other reasons. The monthly report counts only those who are working and those who are actively looking for work.

The jobless rate for the three-county Syracuse area, of which Oswego is a part, fell to 7.2% in October. The state reports that private-sector jobs in the region grew by just 100 during the month, but public-sector jobs grew by another 1,700.

Statewide, joblessness fell a tenth of a point, to 7.9%. That’s more than a full point lower than the national unemployment rate of 9%.