County Legislator Announces A Guide to Government Website for Oswego County.

News from Oswego County Legislator Dan Farfaglia (D – 24th L. D. Fulton & Granby)

Today I am announcing the creation of a brand new website for Oswego County residents and educators.

It is called Oswego County Guide to Governments. The web address is:

With so many different levels of government and numerous elected officials that represent all or parts of this region, a resource is needed to help the voters of Oswego County navigate the sometimes complicated process of identifying all of their elected officials from their city/town levels all the way to the federal government and understand their responsibilities.

There is a need to take all that information, and place them in one location. This web site does just that. This enables anyone that goes to this site to click on a municipality, and every office holder from every level that represents this town/city will then be in front of them and will contain direct links to their sites.

With the Presidential Election taking place, there is a obvious heightened interest in voting this year. What makes 2012 even more unique is the changes that took place with Redistricting/Reapportionment. There were some major alterations made in Oswego County for their seats in the United States House of Representatives and the New York State Assembly. For only the second time in its history, this County will be divided into 2 different Congressional Districts.

Starting in January, this area will be part of New York’s 22nd and 24th Congressional Districts. After being split into 4 different districts for the New York State Assembly a decade ago, beginning in 2013, this County will now only be part of 2, the 120th and 130th Assembly Districts. This site will clearly illustrate not all those changes, but the positions that are up for election this year, and provide campaign websites if they’re available.

A redistricting year and an election for President only takes place once every 20 years. 2032 will be the next time both of these events will be happening simultaneously.

To add some additional educational value to this site, it also contains a list of past members (biographies and photos are included if available) of the New York State Assembly, New York State Senate and the United States Congress. All of these state and federal office holders at some point had all or parts of Oswego County in their districts.

The dates listed are the years that they represented this County. For example, Assemblyman Bob Oaks has been in office since 1993 but didn’t start representing Hannibal, Oswego Town and Minetto until 2003. So that’s why it begins with 2003 with his information.

This web site is still a work in progress. It was custom designed for this fall’s elections and was put together quickly. This will be updated in January when the new elected officials take office and may contain more historical information.

Over the next few months, the plan is to work with fellow Legislator Shawn Doyle (R – Pulaski and Richland) and other historians in the area and add short summaries of every local government in this region.

To give the visitors of this site an idea of the voting trends in this county, election results for the past 26 years were included along with voting instructions and a link to register to vote online.

You will also find that some information will be repetitious. That is intentional because that way if people read certain things more than once, then perhaps it might sink in and they will understand this whole process much easier.

Later this month, this website will also have copies of the maps for previous districts for the State Assembly, State Senate, Congressional Districts and perhaps older County Legislative Lines as well.

This public service project is independently made and personally financed.

Site contains:
1) Elected officials for every municipality in Oswego County such as City Council Members, County Legislators and the representatives currently serving in Albany & Washington.
2) Voting information along with a link to register online.
3) Some previous election results.
4) All Offices that will be on the ballot in Oswego County this year.
5) Presidential Election Process.
6) Links to all the local governments, Oswego County, New York State and the Federal Government.
7) Population information, years that Oswego County Government entities was formed & registered voters.
8) Descriptive information about each level of Government.
9) Previous members of the State Assembly, State Senate and Congress. Contains some photos and biographies.
10) Redistricting Information.
11) Maps for State Assembly, State Senate and Congress. The current districts and new ones.

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