County Legislature: Some Incumbents Lose; Many Run Unopposed

At least two County Legislature incumbents lost their seats to the will of the voters on Tuesday.

North Shore legislator Art Gearsbeck, an independent who often sided with the minority Democrats, lost to Republican John Martino, 602-492, in the legislature’s 6th District.

And incumbent Phil Vasho of Fulton lost a new term to Republican Jim Karasek, 483-421.

A third incumbent may also fall. Republican legislator Paul Santore trails Democrat Amy Tresidder 492-295 with 5 of 7 election districts counted.  Santore holds a leadership position in the caucus.

Martino and Karasek (and possibly Tresidder) will be part of a large class of freshman legislators, joined by four others who won battles for open seats.

Ron Sakonyi won in the 5th district, taking the seat being given up by Jim Bryant.  He beat Democrat Charles Williams.

Democrat Jacob Mulcahey won the 15th district seat now held by Lee Walker, Jr.  He beat Republican Michael Joyce and independent Mercedes Niess.

It was close in Hannibal, but Republican Terry Wilbur won the 21st district seat being vacated by Jack Beckwith. Wilbur beat Judith O’Connor Walsh, 528-463.

And Republican Mark Fruce, III of Fulton will take the seat of retiring longtime legislator Clayton Brewer.  He ran unopposed.

All other current legislators won reelection, with 10 of them running unopposed.