County Plans Aerial Spraying Tonight, Sept. 16

OSWEGO COUNTY – Oswego County plans to conduct aerial spraying of approximately 10,000 acres in portions of the towns of Hastings, West Monroe and Constantia this evening, Monday, Sept. 16.

The aerial spray will begin after 6 p.m.

The area to be sprayed is within these boundaries: U.S. Route 11 in Central Square to the west, NYS Route 49 to the north, up to but not including the village of Constantia to the east; and the shoreline of Oneida Lake to the south.

Pesticide will not be applied over the open waters of Oneida Lake.

Aerial spraying is dependent on weather conditions.

Residents within the spray area will be notified of the spraying by the Hyper-Reach Broadcast Notification Service through Oswego County’s E-9-1-1 Emergency Communications Department.

If spraying is postponed due to weather conditions, residents will be notified through the news media and information will be posted on the Oswego County website at

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on spraying that was cancelled last night.
    Today’s instructions were clear and concise but I didn’t get them until the plane went over the old Mayor’s house. last nights TV said West Monroe Swamp but that area must have expanded today. Can you but my email address or Phone # 3153455045 on the county notification system?

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