County Schools Score Around the State Averages in Math and English

Oswego County’s schools generally scored close to the state averages for math and English proficiency on the 2011 state exam scores released Monday.

The state Education Department announced that 52.8% of all students statewide were either at or above the standard for English, while 63.3% were at or above the math standard.

(See the tables below for your school district’s results.)

The scores are hard to compare to results from the year before because the state increased the scores at which a student meets and exceeds state standards.

State Education Commissioner John B. King, Jr. said, “Student outcomes have been stubbornly flat over time. The Regents reform agenda is designed to change that, by driving long-term gains in student performance.”

As is typical statewide, the performance of county schools was lower on the English exam than on the math exam.

The results for the 5th grade English exam show a strong drop for every school, followed by a strong gain the following  year.

The numbers also show a very strong performance for Sandy Creek schools in math.  The school district consistently shows the best or near-best performance, except for two grades with very strong declines.

Sandy Creek, Phoenix and Central Square all show the best overall performance on the English tests.

Mexico and Hannibal show the poorest performance on the English tests; their performance on the math test was more mixed.

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