County Sheriff’s Office Takes Part In Buckle-Up Program

OSWEGO, NY – Sheriff Reuel A. Todd has announced the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department’s participation in a nationwide crackdown on seatbelt violators between May 23 and June 5 during the nationwide campaign, “Click It or Ticket.”

This campaign will help to increase motorist awareness and compliance with the law.

Grant funding obtained through the Buckle-Up New York Program offered by the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee allows the Sheriff’s Department to enhance their efforts in this mobilization.

During this time checkpoints will be established throughout the county to intensify the enforcement of seat belt and child passenger safety laws.

New York State law states that in the front seat, the driver and each passenger must wear a seatbelt, one person per belt.

The driver and front-seat passengers aged 16 or older can be fined up to $50 each for failure to buckle up.

Each passenger under age 16 must wear a seatbelt or use an appropriate child safety restraint system.

All children must be restrained in an appropriate child restraint system while riding in a motor vehicle, until they reach their 8th birthday.

The restraint system must comply with the child height and weight recommendations determined by the manufacturer.

Depending on the size of the child, the restraint system may be a safety seat or a booster seat used in combination with a lap and shoulder belt.

The law states it is the driver’s responsibility to make sure passengers comply with the seatbelt law.

If not in compliance, the driver can be fined $25 to $100 and receive three driver license penalty points for each violation.

Seatbelts play a vital role in protecting your vehicle’s occupants.

The message being sent is clear, that seatbelts and child safety seats save lives.

If worn properly, seatbelts will absorb the force of a crash impact and hold you securely in place, reducing your risk of injury.

The sheriff and his officers take the seatbelt violation very seriously.

“There is zero tolerance for non-compliance. Buckle up. Drive safely. Save lives,” he said.