County Sponsors Workshop for Social Security Disability Insurance Beneficiaries

FULTON – Oswego County Workforce New York, operated by the Division of Employment and Training, will hold a “Choose Work” workshop from 10 a.m. to noon Sept. 12, to help Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries learn about work incentives and rules that will help them return to work.

“Many people who are receiving Social Security disability benefits are afraid of losing their benefits or medical coverage if they return to work,” said Kim Sizemore, disability resource coordinator at Oswego County Workforce New York. “They may not realize they can work up to 12 months with no earning limit and keep their SSDI benefits , or earn up to $46,000 annually, and still keep their Medicaid insurance. This workshop is designed to teach SSI and SSDI beneficiaries about the programs and services they are eligible for and help them return to work successfully.”

Human services providers, Medicaid service coordinators, and family members who wish to learn more about Social Security Disability rules are also encouraged to attend.

Oswego County Workforce is located at 200 N. Second St. in Fulton, across from Mimi’s Restaurant.

For more information or to register, call Sizemore at 591-9026 or e-mail [email protected]