County To Federal Lawmakers: Get Back To Work

OSWEGO, NY – The Oswego County Legislature has a message for its federal counterparts: Get back to work!

At the close of this month’s meeting, Legislator Jacob Mulcahey requested that the legislature consider discussion on a matter without it first going through the committee process.

He asked for a memorializing resolution to urge the US House of Representatives to pass a spending bill. It was seconded by Legislator Dan Farfaglia.

Legislator Terry Wilbur offered an amendment to the proposed resolution.

“I would ask that my colleague would include everybody in Washington so that they’d come together, come up with a compromise so we actually get something done before they shut everything down,” he said.

“I’ll second that!” said Legislator Shawn Doyle.

The resolution to amend passed unanimously.

However, no formal resolution had been prepared.

“Do we know what we are going to be voting on?” asked Legislature Chairman Kevin Gardner.

“We request that both sides of the aisle (in the House) do the right thing and get back to work,” Legislator Mike Kunzwiler said.

The resolution also passed unanimously.